Senior UX Designer

Senior - Full time
Industry - Insurance
  • UI/UX
  • Figma
  • Sketch

With 100 million DKK funding in the pocket, Undo is an InsurTech start-up on a mission to change insurance as you know it. We are replacing bureaucracy and roadblocks by injecting technology and accessibility into an industry that lacks both – reinventing insurance as it should be less complexity, no paperwork, no phones queue. The result: a fast, affordable, and hassle-free digital experience

Why Join Us?

• Be part of a true cross-functional product team, where you will drive modern design processes for an internal product, where the ~30 daily users are sitting only 12 meters away in the office - and the users are eager to provide feedback and co-create the best solutions
• The product vision is to create a flexible and powerful, all-in-one digital backoffice platform that makes customer and claims management effortless & efficient

Copenhagen SW, Denmark


Undo has already kicked in the door into the insurance industry and changed insurance as you know it. We've set new standards for what an insurance experience entails and are using the latest technologies to achieve our goals. Undo's mission is to make insurance transparent, understandable, fair, and easily accessible.
We do this by ensuring the best end-to-end user experience, i.e., not only at the moment when users download our app and purchase the insurance. This is, among other things, to ensure customers a good post purchase experience especially in moments when questions may arise, or a damage needs to be reported. We are therefore looking for a Senior UX Designer who can help further develop the tools that Undo's employees use to create the good post-purchase experience for customers.
As a Senior UX Designer, you will play a key role in our Customer & Claims Experience (CCX) team. CCX is responsible for our in-house web platform, which we use to manage and assist all of our insurance customers throughout their customer journey. You will thus get ownership of the design of the platform, so we ensure that our customer success agents and claims handlers can provide the best possible customer experience. It is important that our internal platform is user-friendly and supports the business processes that are at the heart of our business and the way we deliver a smooth experience for the customer.
The platform needs a loving and user-centered hand, as there have never been designers involved in the development. Fortunately, you have users at your fingertips and they are very interested in providing feedback and co-creating.
Your responsibility will be to both redesign and further develop the platform together with your team. You will be responsible for running our user-centric design process from start to finish. The process involves user research, synthesise learnings, conceptualization, prototyping and validation. We are looking for a UX Designer who is strong throughout the process, thinks holistically, and is passionate about involving users in the development of the platform. You will become part of the CCX team, which primarily consists of developers. But don't worry, you will have ample opportunity to spar with the other designers in Undo on your tasks. You will also be part of a passionate design team that is curious and always keeps up-to-date on new trends, methodologies and tools. In Undo's design team, we are constantly working to improve as a unit, and as a prerequisite, we share feedback across functions - for example through weekly check-ins.
Your tasks will involve:
• Work closely with your team (Product Manager and Engineers) to understand the users, the platform and thus be able to develop it
• Set the direction for the platform in collaboration with the Product Manager - including designing a design vision and an information architecture that is scalable
• Close collaboration with Undo's other product teams, who, among other things, develop the customer-facing solutions, as new features give rise to new internal needs
• Involvement of users - our customer success agents and claims handlers - to ensure a good user experience 􀁸 Drive design processes
• Facilitate review sessions with relevant stakeholders
• Validate new ideas through user involvement before they are built 􀁸 Help ensure that customers have a great experience and feel taken in hand


Must Have:
• ~5 with UX design
• Experienced working in Figma or Sketch – we use Figma
• Experience in breaking complex issues down into intuitive design solutions
• Experience working in complex domains - here we think, for example, several user groups, many stakeholders, third-party integrations, legislation and regulations
• You can balance creative thinking with obstacles from different sides
• You love sharing your work with the team, receiving feedback, and iterating on your design
Nice to Have:
• Experience working in a startup
• Experience in Insurtech, Fintech, MedTech and similar areas
• Strong in-Service Design
• Sense of UI design - we use Ant Design as a framework
• Engaged in the design community
• Experience working closely with developers
• Experience working in a multidisciplinary team
Soft Skills:
• You are a driven, curious, and motivated person.
• You are self-propelled and ready to take responsibility and find solutions independently
• You are humble, but ambitious
• You have an open mindset and are eager to learn.
• You are not afraid to share your ideas
• You get overly excited when new tech is released
• Good communication skills
• Ready to take leadership role in future


Strong theoretical background in digital design, interaction design or design processes through a relevant educational background

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