UX Designer/Developer

Senior - Full time
Industry - Financial
  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • UI/UX

Why Join Us?

• You will get hands on and have responsibilities to take decisions
• Your opinion matters
• Location centric
• Young and vibrant team
• Team of full stack developers, who pretty much knows all tech stacks which is involved
• A place to learn and explore new things
• A place willing to evaluate and try new ideas

Capital Region, Denmark


The roles for this position are both UI and UX designer.
You will be the expert on UI and UX design and be the user advocate for the product (web app).
Responsible for
• User satisfaction with our web app product
• Implementation of said designs and components in web app
• Code structure and coding models for the web app
• You will be, in part, responsible for setting up the pipeline of designs, from ideas and prototyping to implementation and testing.


• Worked with Adobe package
• Experience working in a cooperated team
• Experience with user validation testing
It’s a huge plus to know and have used Figma
Soft Skills:
• Curious
• Eager to solve problems
• Creative
• Proud of their work


We would rather be presented with a good portfolio demonstrating experience and excellence

Company Benefits

• Pension
• Flexible workday hour
• Health insurance
• Snacks and soda
• Foosball table
• Paid vacation 5 weeks + 5 days (ferie fridage)
• Location (Heart of Copenhagen)
Other Benefits:
Books, and web courses

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