Frontend developer

Intermediate - Full time

Client : Gambit Financial Solutions

Industry : Financial Services

Gambit Financial Solutions is a company that provides investment advice software intended for the world of finance.

Initially a spin-off company from HEC-Liège, today a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Asset Management, Gambit is an independent entity in full growth. Its software solutions for client profiling, portfolio optimization and risk management are implemented in various financial institutions throughout Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland).

Each one of these solutions has been built on a solid expertise in computer science, algorithm and finance. Gambit is a leader in constant evolution, resolutely precursor in its field of activities.

Gambit Financial Solutions counts now more than 120 employees in four branches in Europe, and has recently expanded significantly the scope of its activities to include Singapore and Latin America.


Cultural diversity with European company Young dynamic employees Offices Opportunities for rapid promotions (Grades or wage increment on yearly basis, based on your excellence in work)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


• Implementing the frontend components of the applications, in accordance with the specifications provided by the Business Analysts
• Implementing the visual design of the applications, based on the wireframes and mockups provided by the UX designers et graphic designers
• Implementing E2E tests to automate the testing of the frontend components of the applications
• Working in close collaboration with the business analysts, UX designers, backend developers, and testers
• Participating in our agile software development process
• Contributing to technical meetings, and participating in code reviews
• Participating in the estimation of our new frontend developments.


• 3+ years of experience with a strong background in software engineering specializing in medium to large scale software development projects.
• Strong experience in web development using the latest versions of JavaScript, HTML & CSS
• Experience with Angular; and willingness to learn and adapt to other frameworks.
• Working knowledge of responsive design.
• Good understanding of REST web services.
• Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around them.

Good to have:
• Capacity to contribute to best practices and provide technical solutions.
• Experience in front-end architecture.
• Working knowledge of code bundling, task running and package management.
• Good understanding of JavaScript unit testing with frameworks such as Jest/Mocha/Chai/ Jasmine
• Good understanding of JavaScript-based E2E testing with frameworks such as Protractor/Cypress /WebdriverIO.
• Exposure to Agile / SCRUM methodology.
• Basic understanding of NodeJS.
• Experience with PWA / React Native.
• TypeScript experience.
• Understanding of browser security (i.e. CORS, cookies, …).


B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or another technical field


Not required