iOS Developer

Senior - Full time
Industry - Airlines and aviation
  • IOS
  • Mobile
  • Swift
  • Objective C

We are owned by World Fuel Services, who brings tech solutions to business aviation problems. We spotted a gap in the market and created a set of indispensable tools - the modern business aviation essentials. Today, we operate a growing suite of applications that 7,000+ air charter professionals use to do their everyday work. We take our role in their businesses seriously and make a point of delivering consistently excellent customer service and unique, ever-improving products. This level of sophistication doesn’t stop us from having fun, however. We “Noders” find it important to enjoy an open and friendly work atmosphere, where a bit of quirky humor is always welcome. With 100+ Noders spread between Sweden and the US, our flexible and collaborative culture empowers every single person to come forward with new ideas, to make mistakes and initiate dialogue. Avinode seeks candidates who thrive on exciting assignments and can collaboratively work alongside smart, humorous and dedicated co-workers.

Why Join Us?

We are revolutionizing an industry. Our products are used all over the world and we are proud of that. We are a small company with a big footprint. You will be seen and heard. We care about the business and the business cares about us. We are all in this together.
We build, market, and constantly improve an expanding suite of applications that air charter professionals use every single day. As a whole, we “Noders” are a passionate, sort of goofy, and generally down-to-earth crew. Our open and collaborative work culture empowers every single person to come forward with new ideas and see them to fruition.
We exist to serve business aviation, as a technology partner and as an innovator, pushing the industry forward and solving long-tangled problems. We care about what we create and are dedicated to thinking thoroughly and iterating quickly. And unusual situations calls for business as usual. So when things gets tough, thanks to all hard working Noders, we are able to do just that.


Our Client is looking for a senior iOS Developer to join our organization in Gothenburg, Sweden. You will be working in a cross-functional product team and create functional, attractive iOS applications that meet the needs of our users.
• Designing and building mobile applications for Apple’s iOS platform.
• Ensuring quality and performance of the application
• Identifying potential problems and resolving application bottlenecks.
• Maintaining the code and atomization of the application


Technical Requirement:
• You have a systematic approach to problem solving, strong communication skills, and a sense of ownership and drive.
• You have the ability to debug code and troubleshoot problems to find the root cause.
• You are well aware of app store distribution process.
• Proficient in Objective-C, Cocoa and Swift. Swift-UI is a plus.
• Knowledge of web services, specifically REST APIs
• Extensive experience with iOS Frameworks
• Knowledge of iOS back-end services.
• Knowledge of Apple’s design principles and application interface guidelines.
• Proficient in code versioning tools including Git.
• Familiarity with push notifications, APIs, and cloud messaging.
• Experienced with continuous integration and continuous deployment

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