VP of Engineering

Industry - IT Software
Level - Senior manager
  • Python
  • Solidity
  • TypeScript
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Remote

Why Join Us?

Our client is the first to enable co-owned AI, combining the best of web2 (complexity, AI) and web3 (full decentralization). Combining crypto and autonomous agent technology has seen growing interest in recent months, yet they’ve built it into Olas from the beginning after a Seed Round in 2021.
This is an ideal opportunity for someone who is deeply interested in crypto, regardless of whether they have experience in it.


In this pivotal role, you'll manage the Olas Core (protocol and frameworks) and Olas Services (off-chain applications) teams, guiding them to turn the company's strategic vision into live, enjoyable products with the support of the CTO. You'll uphold and improve engineering best practices, delivering our industry-leading tech to market. You are excited to help empowering communities, organizations, and countries to co-own AI systems.
Main Duties:
  • Shepherding the Olas Core and Olas Services teams to execute the company’s technical strategy and vision, balancing between speed with reliability, robustness, and security through iteration.
  • Collaborate closely with management and across functions to plan and execute the research and development processes end-to-end, from idea to launch and iteration, informing the roadmap and planning resources with the support of Delivery.
  • Management of others and resources to achieve key results, setting project scopes, working with a high level of independence
  • Gradually assuming management of direct reports, including performance and hiring as appropriate, fostering a culture in line with our values.
  • Externally, you may act as a representative of the company, engaging with potential customers, partners, and participating in key events to strengthen our presence in the market.


  • 7+ years of software engineering experience, with 2 or more years of experience in a manager or tech leadership position.
  • Proven experience executing at a high level in technical leadership roles, ideally in early-stage startup environments.
  • A good understanding of crypto.
  • Experience working with languages and frameworks such as Solidity, and TypeScript, with previous experience coding with Python frameworks on a daily basis in the past.
  • Experience working across the entire technical stack, including platform, infrastructure, and protocol systems.


MSc in computer science, engineering, or other technical degrees.

Company Benefits

  • Generous salary and equity compensation, accounting for benefits.
  • Remote (it is a fully distributed team from day one with biannual meetups).
  • Be a part of a unique and novel project that will push web3 forward and be harnessed in whichever domain crypto goes – finance, media, data, identity.
  • You will work on a unique software stack and product with a team of world-class software engineers, researchers, and product experts across multiple fields.
  • You will collaborate with teams across Crypto and our community of agent developers.


One week twice a year to meet with the team
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