Senior Python Engineer

Industry - IT Software
Level - Senior
  • Python
  • Testing
  • Machine Learning
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Remote

Client - Valory AG

Valory creates open-source software for co-owned AI, enabling joint operation and control of AI software for novel use cases in crypto, science, and enterprise. Our mission is to empower communities, organizations, and countries to co-own AI systems, starting with decentralized autonomous agents.
We co-founded OLAS DAO ( and have created the first services using it and the Olas Stack( We have also built a hosted platform for removing DevOps hassle from running said services: Propel (
Valory is the VC-backed team of engineers, researchers and commercial executors that raised a successful Seed round and executed a successful public token launch for the Olas DAO.

Why Join Us?

It is an exciting time to join since we have undertaken a successful token launch with a stable team of 27 and Very Good NPS, yet still early enough to make a mark at this key stage before we scale.
This is an ideal opportunity for someone who is deeply interested in crypto, regardless of whether they have experience in it, since actual experience in crypto is not required for this role.


You’re a driven Python developer used to shipping well-architected and designed code, who is aligned with our values. You enjoy approaching new challenges in a structured way to ship solutions quickly and efficiently.
You are excited to join Valory, a startup that is pushing the autonomous edge of AI, learning from and contributing to the team that having pioneered Olas (a single network for all the stuff that makes crypto work, which incentivizes Python developers to create decentralized autonomous agents, ultimately enabling co-owned AI).
Main Duties
  • Rapidly learn and contribute to Valory’s frameworks or services, adding, maintaining and improving code components and/or entire frameworks that are efficient, effective and easily maintainable
  • Write comprehensive tests to ensure code meets predefined requirements. Identify issues in the code and debug them to improve the service's functionality.
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including software engineers, data scientists, and product managers, to deliver machine learning additions to Valory’s products.
  • Document your work thoroughly, including experiments, and results, reporting proactively on your findings.
  • Provide feedback, including code reviews, seek and learn from others’ feedback, and support fellow team members (particularly junior ones) to foster a collaborative work environment.
  • Deliver to internal and external customers: you ensure you have implemented, coordinated, and communicated changes/fixes and checked that the customer is satisfied before considering a task done.
  • Stay up to date with crypto and AI trends


  • 4+ years' experience in Python on a daily basis
  • Excellent understanding of software architecture and design, asynchronous programming and networking programming, Python libraries (Django, Flask), best practices (e.g. linting, auto-formatting, static analysis, etc.) and testing (unit, integration, end to end).
  • Experience of working in a team in a collaborative manner
  • Proven willingness to acquire new programming skills and concepts
  • Alignment with our values, including mission over ego, clarity through writing and pushing the autonomous edge.
  • Interest in web3 and/or AI (particularly running autonomous agents)
  • Open-source and/or Web3 contributions
  • Experience with systems programming (e.g. Golang, C/C++, Rust)
Strong preference for time zone between UTC -2 to UTC +6.


Meet with the team for one week, twice a year.


The position is open remotely for the following countries: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Greece, Georgia, Spain, and Italy.
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