Technical Specialist

Industry - IT
Level - Intermediate
  • ITIL
  • Change Management
  • Incident Management
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid


New Department: ITO Process and Services (Monitoring and Event Management team) There is no one in Denmark in this team. It will be a brand new team. An Opptunity to make difference & influence in how Topdanmark will operate in the future. Opportunity to build from scratch

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Topdanmark does not currently systematically monitor the decentral infrastructure (network, storage, servers and applications). This leads to a reactive approach when encountering issues with the infrastructure leading to prolonged downtime and disruptions.
The purpose of this team is going from Reactive to Proactive
Actively monitor the various monitoring and surveillance tools in place.
Currently Dynatrace, SolarWinds and to some extent Spotlight for MS-SQL databases.
Manage incoming events, in ServiceNow, from the surveillance tools and decide if the alarms constitute one or more incidents, or if they can be suppressed.
Forward raised incidents to dedicated resolution teams in Denmark.
In the beginning it will be the Incident Management team
Over time, it will be a combination of the Incident Management team and 2. Level Resolution teams.
Support incident resolution in cooperation with Danish teams
Produce and report statistics on weekly and/or monthly basis
Support enhancement activities, e.g. implementation of new alarms, improvement of existing alarms
Provide basic technical support to Asia based colleagues and partners – reset passwords, restart virtual machines and similar


Technical Requirements (Must Have):
Must Have 3+ years experiences in the following:
Solid ITIL and/or ITSM knowledge
Good understanding of IT and IT infrastructure in general
Experience working with IT monitoring and surveillance tools
Experience working with data visualization and reporting
Technical Requirements (Good to Have):
ITIL 3 or 4 certification (Foundation or practitioner in Service Operation areas)
Experience with ServiceNow
Soft Skills Requirements:
Ability to remain calm under pressure.
Can work independently.
Solid English language skills


BSc or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or another technical field.


You may be required to travel to Denmark depending on the project requirements.
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