Senior Software Developer (AWS)

Industry - IT
Level - Senior
  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • AWS
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Topdanmark

Topdanmark is Denmark's second largest insurance company, and they are happy to have a wide and numerous ranges of customers, i.e. more than one million personal customers, every second Danish farm and one in six businesses in Denmark. Times are exciting in the Insurance space, and Topdanmark is making massive investments in IT projects and IT technology. The ambition is to offer customers some of the very best digital experiences on the market.

Topdanmark is a publicly traded company with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Topdanmark has 2,100 employees across the country (350 IT employees). Their principal task is to help those people who have shown confidence in them by letting them manage insurance policies. Topdanmark offers an attractive workplace with high professionalism and job satisfaction. You will get to work with competent and motivated colleagues from both Malaysia and Denmark. Mutual trust and no micromanagement are headlines when working in Topdanmark.

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By becoming part of our team, you will contribute to making insurance management a breeze for our customers, and you'll be at the heart of Topdanmark's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. Join us in shaping the future of insurance accessibility and enhancing the customer experience on Your skills will be at the center of our mission to provide excellence in insurance services. Don't miss the chance to be a part of this exciting journey!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


We are currently expanding Topdanmark’s offshore setup in Malaysia, with a Software Developer for one of their departments called Online Solutions.

The Online Solutions team at Topdanmark manages website, which offers customers various features to manage their insurances, such as:

• Customer login: Customers can log in to their account and access their insurance information.
• Insurance overview: Customers can view the list of insurances they have with Topdanmark
• Claims history: Customers can check their claims history and see if they have any ongoing claims.
• Self-services: Customers can add new insurance to their account using the self-service feature.

Key responsibilities:
• Communication: Must be someone who has an opinion about things, communicates and shares different angles about topics discussed during refinement and planning. They should not be afraid to constructively challenge a direction if they see a better way of doing things. They should not fear voicing out their opinion where and when it matters.

• Should have mid to advanced hands-on experience working with NodeJS and Typescript: The team is fully transitioned to using these 2 technologies in our solutions and being able to easily navigate and understand code written in these 2 is important.

• Familiarity with the AWS ecosystem: should have at least have a fundamental understanding of what the cloud is and what it can be used for. Anyone who has taken the AWS Cloud Practitioner course will easily meet this requirement. Work a lot on serverless paradigm.

• Code collaboration: In this team, we use Pull Requests to ensure our work is seen and vetted by team members before it goes out into the wild. The successful candidate should welcome collaboration and peer reviews as part of their daily work process.

• A good background in web development involving interaction with web services: REST API development, Understands Request/Response vs Event model, CORS, integration, stateless communication. Having an idea of these things make it easier for one to onboard themselves into our team as many of our solutions are built like this.

• Test oriented: We pride ourselves in having good unit test coverage wherever it makes sense. The successful candidate should be someone who BELIEVES in the benefits of unit testing.


Must have skills:
• 6+ years’ experience:
• Strong hands-on experience working with NodeJS and Typescript
• Experience in AWS system
• Proven experience in Web Services and Rest API
• Unit testing (Test cases and code coverage)

Nice to have skills:
• Appetite for learning
• A curious mind
• Out of box thinking
• NPM Module Development
• GitHub Actions
• Serverless Paradigm in AWS


BS/BA degree in computer science, engineering or related discipline OR relevant years of experience in required skills


Travel to Denmark for induction and subsequence travels depend on project requirement but is likely.


All successful applicants will receive an official invite within 2 weeks of your application to discuss the next steps in the Job Application.

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