Senior React Developer

Industry - Software Development
Level - Senior
  • ReactJs
  • JavaScript
  • Agile
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Venzo Software

VENZO historically has a lot of activities within management consultancy, Cyber security, and Microsoft Azure platform. Venzo has created a Venture Lab (Venzo Software) as a subsidiary company to their classical tech consultancy business. Right now, they (VENZO software is their new branch called) have a strong commercial partner and Azure DevOps infrastructure partner in VENZO thus the main focus atm. They aim to establish a strong group of people working with software development on all the other aspects (code, application architecture, Product ownership, operations, etc.) At VENZO software, they are passionate about working with cutting edge technologies and the latest methodologies within software development. They are focused on bringing human centric solutions to life, that makes sense and creates value to users. Venzo Software will help people with innovative ideas to have their product developed and supported by Venzo. The focus it’s to develop solutions for niche industries. In return Venzo, will take some ownership share in the company.


Working on the development of the new product of Venzo Software - Aeon Connect, a platform solution that aims to harness the power of technology to streamline the ability of corporations to invest in nature-based solutions.

Lisbon, Portugal


Working on development of a platform that will unite 3 main components: big landowners, experts within the nature assets and big organizations that invest for the nature benefits to strengthen the green profile. The main idea is to import the database of the land areas from landowners with nature assets in them and enable big organizations to invest in new projects and new land areas and also keep track on their current green investment portfolio.

Main responsibilities:
• In collaboration with the rest of the team, produce and deliver high-quality features to the product.
• Contribute to building beautiful and rich user-facing applications and components.
• Help to build and maintain the in-house reusable UI component library.
• Optimize applications that target multiple browsers, input devices and
resolutions ensuring maximum speed and scalability.
• Work closely alongside product owner, developers, etc. to ensure requirements are delivered on-time and to-specification.
• Share your expertise with others in Venzo Software to enable progression towards and achievement of team goals.


Must-have skills:
• At least 5 years of front-end experience and
extensive recent experience in React.js.
• Experience in writing adaptive and responsive UI applications.
• Proven experience in building scalable web
• Knowledge of Agile/Scrum methodology.

Nice-to-have skills:
• Experience in building and managing the full lifecycle of a reusable UI component library.
• Experience in transforming design ideas into visually beautiful user experiences.
• Startup and product development experience.


BSc/BA degree in computer science, engineering or related discipline OR relevant years of experience in required skills.


1 week onboarding in Denmark, later other business trips could occur based on project needs.

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