Senior Frontend developer IOS

Industry - Healthcare
Level - Senior
  • React Native
  • ReactJs
  • iOS
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Why Join Us?

We all share the passion for building the best next generation of healthcare solutions.
We are a team of software engineers, physicists, anthropologists, sociologists and more.
Our work is ambitious. Our software product enables remote care for heart patients with implanted pacemakers. We enhance the lives of patients while making clinicians more efficient at the same time.

Copenhagen, Denmark


The main stone in our frontend stack is React which is used across different tools we build: web portal for clinicians at hospitals, internal management tools, prototypes. As you’d expect the mobile application uses React Native.
For state management of our applications we rely on Redux and Redux-Saga to handle the side effect layer. Even there are a lot other parts involved in each application, i.e. storybook, jest, etc. those mentioned are the most relevant ones.
The platform is backed by AWS EKS, using Kubernetes to manage our resources, provide resilience and empower developers to create representative environments for testing. We host Elixir and Python services, along with PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases and RabbitMQ as an event bus. We manage our CI/CD via Jenkins with code-based pipelines. Orchestration of the platform is done with Terraform and we use DataDog for monitoring and alerting.
Our architecture is still evolving as we go. You will get to have an impact on the design and implementation of the architecture as we adapt it to meet current and future needs.
Main responsibility:
• Mobile application (iOS & Android) development
• Web development


Experienced in:
1. Web: React
2. Mobile:
• React Native
• iOS/Android app stores with their release process
• Fastlane
• Apple HealthKit
• Typescript
• Docker
Soft Skills:
• A good communicator.
• Teamwork and collaboration are paramount.
• Keep an open, free and flexible work environment


At least BSc or equivalent experience.

Company Benefits

You’ll follow the bank holiday scheme of your country of residence.
You’ll follow the Danish vacation scheme of 25 paid vacation days per year.
Further details regarding compensation will be depending on the candidate.


Travel to HQ in Copenhagen 2-3 times per year. This will be coordinated with manager.


INSCALE celebrates difference. Each team member's personal uniqueness contributes to a diverse and multifaceted community. We focus on supporting continued growth and development in all we do.

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