Front-End Developer

Industry - Software
Level - Intermediate
  • ReactJs
  • JavaScript
  • UI/UX
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Prooffice ApS

ProOffice is a Danish software company that develops IT supported educational solutions for several big Danish companies and institutions.

The company provides custom solutions ranging from automated Word templates and database applications to web applications and client/server solutions. With a wide-ranging professional, technical and academic expertise, ProOffice acts as a full-service provider in the fields of specialized software solutions while simultaneously being able to foresee potential practical problem areas on behalf of its clients.

For more info about ProOffice, feel free to visit the company's website at


INSCALE is a growth partner dedicated to fostering business and personal development. We are a community of people who practice our craftsmanship in all we do. We aim to multiply our contribution through collaboration to make great things happen. At INSCALE, you will not be just a consultant – you will be a vital team member for our clients, working with autonomy and responsibility to enhance your IT skills and increase your value as a professional. With a supportive and informal management style, you will have the freedom to grow and develop in your role.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


This job position is focused on the continues development of the plan2learn platform. Plan2learn is a largescale LMS and HR system that supports a big part of the Danish public sector and the Danish defense with HR and learning tools. Plan2learn has a daily user base on above 800.000 thousand users with potential daily access to plan2learn.
As Developer and part of a larger development set-up, you will work together with a development team that develops and maintains new functionalities and features for the company’s core product, plan2learn. You should be an experienced Frontend developer who has experience in working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

• You will be part of a dynamic team consisting of developers from Denmark, Macedonia and Egypt
• You will be required to gain extensive domain knowledge regarding the Plan2learn project
• You will be responsible for assisting in the plan2learn transformation project and helping take the system to the next level of HR and LMS solutions


Job Requirements:
• Intermediate professional software development experience using HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Some experience using Typescript
• A product mindset and focused on offering the best user experiences

Bonus points if you also have
• Familiarity with UI/UX


Open to occasional travel to Denmark as required, such as during the team-building events.

INSCALE celebrates difference. Each team member's personal uniqueness contributes to a diverse and multifaceted community. We focus on supporting continued growth and development in all we do.

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