Head of Delivery Management

Industry - Offshore Outsourcing
Level - Senior manager
  • Delivery Management
  • Client Management
  • Change Management
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Inscale Asia

INSCALE is a European offshore development company with offices based in Denmark, Malaysia, Portugal, Ukraine and Macedonia. We establish permanent development teams for European and Australian companies with ongoing development of software applications. Each team works as an integrated part of the customer's organization. We offer our employees an opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn the western development procedures and culture. We have an informal management style where you will have autonomy and responsibility allowing you to develop your skills and grow your value as an IT professional.

We greatly value what our employees contribute to INSCALE, and always strive to reward our employees with challenging work and competitive environment. We are more than 500 employees representing numerous nationalities, which makes our work environment internationally oriented, diverse and encourages collaboration internally and regionally. For more information, see https://www.inscale.net/


As Head of Delivery Management you will have the opportunity to manage a team of experienced Delivery Managers while keeping constant communication with Clients and with highly motivated team leaders and tech professionals.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


As Head of Delivery Management you will have the opportunity to manage a team of experienced Delivery Managers while keeping constant communication with Clients and with highly motivated team leaders and tech professionals. This position requires confidence, independent action, sense of urgency, business acumen and the ability to make decisions fast with the available information. You will react and adjust quickly to changing conditions and come up with practical ideas while mentoring others and supporting your team. Your management style is purposeful, directed at getting things done effectively.
Given our line of business and overall energy, you can expect constant challenges that you will have to overcome and benefit from with confidence and determination. The position requires a driven, self-disciplined person who can keep the big picture in mind while handling specific details and topics.
Reporting to the Global Head of Delivery Management, the responsibilities are broad in scope, encompassing a wide variety of activities that will require rapid shifts in priorities. This is primarily a strategy-focused job, requiring a positive directive leadership style that encourages a results-driven, task-oriented collaboration. The focus has to be on the business but also on the people in equal parts.
Your roles and responsibilities will include, but are not limited, to the following:
• Develop strategy, forecast hiring needs and align yearly goals with top management
• Strengthen our presence in Malaysia by identifying business opportunities and threats and suggesting appropriate solutions to grow
• Involve in Client Onboarding representing INSCALE
• Define and implement the delivery approach and plan across the different phases of Clients’ life cycle
• Create robust delivery plans and use them to coordinate delivery, ensuring that business outcomes are positive and goals are accomplished
• Monitor delivery progress, taking appropriate action to deal with risk or opportunity
• Work with Clients to build teams and expand the headcount within a Client's organization
• Ensure the team members are kept highly motivated and deliver good results
• Address employees’ concerns, run gaps analysis and ensure skills development in collaboration with Site Managers, Hiring Managers and HR
• Have regular meetings with HR and Site Managers to ensure employees’ retention and continuous business growth
• Proactively design new processes to optimize the Managed Services model
• Plan and forecast hiring needs with the Recruitment Team
• Ensure regular feedback to their direct reports and performance appraisals held yearly
• Be the go-to person for market insights, business trends and general Client management topics


Must Have:
• + 15 yrs working experience with at least 7 yrs in a management role in software companies
• Proven track record of project delivery experience, focused on the IT sector
• Strong passion for people management and business growth
• Understanding of Software Engineering processes, methodologies and Agile Methodology
• Experience working in distributed teams across borders and time zones
• Experience in managing and mentoring other managers and senior tech team members
• Extensive experience of scoping, shaping, planning and delivering complex and strategic initiatives
• Proven track record of having established successful business relationships, and having influenced and engaged with different stakeholders
Nice to Have:
• Project Management certification
• Agile Methodology Certification
Personal Traits:
• Incredible communication skills – both verbal and written
• Self-starter who can work autonomously and has the ability to build rapport and create strong, long-lasting professional relationships
• Positive energy, open-mindedness and go-get-it attitude
• Team player with 5-star interpersonal skills who thrives in a diverse environment
• Strong mentoring and coaching skills
• Business acumen and energized by negotiation
• Ability to adapt and apply rapidly changing technology to business needs
• Ability to solve complex issues quickly and creatively
• Excellent time management skills – handling multiple projects and stakeholders under tight deadlines


BA/BS degree in Computer Science or Management or equivalent practical experience.

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