Full Stack .NET Developer

Industry - Software
Level - Intermediate
  • C#
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Entity Framework
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Prooffice ApS

ProOffice is a Danish software company that develops IT supported educational solutions for several big Danish companies and institutions.

The company provides custom solutions ranging from automated Word templates and database applications to web applications and client/server solutions. With a wide-ranging professional, technical and academic expertise, ProOffice acts as a full-service provider in the fields of specialized software solutions while simultaneously being able to foresee potential practical problem areas on behalf of its clients.

For more info about ProOffice, feel free to visit the company's website at www.prooffice.dk


If a large-scale project, 800.000 thousand users, Scandinavian working environment, latest tech trends, ownership, and challenge sounds like an interesting opportunity for you than we would love to meet you.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


INSCALE has set up a high-performing agile offshore development team for ProOffice based in Skopje, Macedonia. We are currently hiring an experienced full-stack (.Net Core/React) developer to contribute to the organization's continued success.

This job position is focused on the continued development of the plan2learn platform. Plan2learn is a large-scale LMS and HR system that supports a big part of the Danish public sector and the Danish defense with HR and learning tools. Plan2learn has a daily user base of above 800.000 thousand users with potential daily access to plan2learn.

As a Developer and part of a larger development set-up, you will work together with a development team that develops and maintains new functionalities and features for the company’s core product, plan2learn. You should be an experienced ASP.NET developer who will be included the full SDLC for new products as well as enhancements of the current product, from the idea-phase through to roll-out.

- You will be part of a dynamic team consisting of developers from Denmark and Macedonia
- You will be required to gain extensive domain knowledge regarding the Plan2learn project
- You will be responsible for assisting in the plan2learn transformation project and helping take the system to the next level of HR and LMS solutions


- Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience
- You have professional experience with Net Core and Web API with C# as your preferred language
- You have professional experience with some of the modern frontend frameworks - preferably React & TypeScript
- You have practical experience with MSSQL and the use of an ORM - preferably NHibernate or EntityFramework Core
- You have a good understanding of integration and experience with both backend and frontend development
- You have knowledge and practical experience with HTML, CSS/SCSS, and JavaScript
- It would be a big plus if you have professional experience working with Microsoft Azure elements
- You have at least 3 years of professional experience with the above-mentioned technologies
- Passionate about your work and keep up to date with the latest technology and methods
- Takes pride in writing SOLID and testable code every day
- Strong spirit of innovation and the ability to come up with solutions to meet business problems
- Solid teamwork and interpersonal skills and ability to work and communicate in a diverse and multicultural team
- Fluent in verbal and written English


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience

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