Senior Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist

Industry - Offshore Outsourcing
Level - Senior
  • Recruitment
  • Sourcing
  • Communication
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Inscale Portugal

INSCALE is a European offshore development company with offices based in Denmark, Malaysia, Portugal, Ukraine and Macedonia. We establish permanent development teams for European and Australian companies with ongoing development of software applications. Each team works as an integrated part of the customer's organization. We offer our employees an opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn the western development procedures and culture. We have an informal management style where you will have autonomy and responsibility allowing you to develop your skills and grow your value as an IT professional. We greatly value what our employees contribute to INSCALE, and always strive to reward our employees with challenging work and competitive environment. We are more than 500 employees representing numerous nationalities, which makes our work environment internationally oriented, diverse and encourages collaboration internally and regionally. For more information, see


Currently, we are looking for a Senior Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist to join our Recruitment Team in Lisbon and help us grow our teams. Want to join our breathtaking team? If you feel you have what it takes, just apply!

Lisbon, Portugal


As part of your job, you will:
• Manage end-to-end recruitment processes
• Manage the team's daily activity, KPI's, weekly and monthly goals
• Manage different stakeholders (Delivery Managers, Hiring Managers) – you manage your own processes!
• Build efficient strategies for sifting candidates, selecting talent, and marketing them to a range of open and future roles
• Write high-quality job descriptions and post them to relevant media platforms to attract the right people for the job
• Source potential candidates not only using the mainstream platforms but also on niche platforms
• Screen applicants for a proper match with the job requirements and each headcount.
• Arrange telephone, video, or in-person interviews
• Perform reference checks whenever needed
• Present the resumes of the most suitable candidates to the Hiring Managers
• Keep track of all applicants as well as keep applicants informed on the application process – we always keep our candidates updated!
• Participate in tech conferences and meetups to network with IT professionals and create brand awareness
• Promote INSCALE’s reputation as a great place to work, because it is!
• Keep up to date with new technological trends and products (better yet if you’re a true techie)
• BSc in Psychology, Sociology, IT, HR Management, or similar


• 3+ years’ experience as a Senior Tech Talent Acquisition
• Understand and have a strong network in the IT Talent Market
• Hands-on experience with various interview formats (phone, video, and in-person)
• Enough technical expertise to understand and explain job requirements for IT roles
• A solution provider for tackling various recruitment-related issues and challenges
• Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases
• Solid knowledge of sourcing techniques (e.g. social media recruiting and Boolean search)
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to negotiate
• An eye to read different people and understand specific situations
• Fluency in English is a must-have

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