Fullstack Software Developer

Industry - IT
Level - Intermediate
  • Software Development
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Why Join Us?

Our mission-critical systems send millions of important messages every month, and FramWeb is already a leading Nordic provider in this space. We now see a
future where nearly all emergency notifications and communication will move into the digital space.
Your development skills and interests will help us build systems that gets these critical messages where they need to be, helping emergency providers save lives and values on a daily basis.
Our offices are centrally located in Laguneparken (close to Lagunen shopping mall) in Bergen South. There is also free parking available. That means a very beneficial commute for candidates living in the area.
You will be provided your own cell office with a door you may close when doing focused work / playing music etc.
Learning is very important to us and 10 % of our time is dedicated to this, either through common workshops or knowledge sharing or individual activities. We are very happy if you want to go on courses or conferences that can help us become even better.
We have a good social environment in the office with regular offers to go enjoy dinner, see a movie or some fun activity or game that everyone can enjoy.

5058 Bergen, Norway


The primary responsibility of this position starting out will be full-stack software development. As you acquire more knowledge and skill some support of our customers and sales organization is to be expected.
You enjoy learning and gaining expertise in new technologies and domains. You have good academic results and references from other projects/employers. Delivering high-quality work and always searching for “best practice” is important to you.
This position will grow together with you. Are you interested in new technology, system design and problem solving? Fram Web will have large and exciting future projects where you can hone your skills. If you have ambition to be a tech lead, or work with customers and partners to integrate our solutions with APIs, such paths will also be available.
Either way you will have other very senior developers to discuss with, learn from, and figure out good solutions with.
The development team shares responsibility for the stability and performance of the platform, operations and security, tools and processes.


Must Have:
• 2+ years Solid Experience in Software
• Full-stack and web development
• Relational
Good To Have:
Experience with .NET
• Relational Database (e.g MS SQL)
• Interested in system design
• Cloud
• Software security
• Preference Norwegian speaking
Soft Skills:
• Good communication skills
• Organized with strong sense of responsibility and motivation
• Ability to achieve an appropriate level knowledge by combining reading with practical experience


Master’s degree in software engineering (or comparable / complemented with experience)
Interest in modern system design, software development and best practices


Some travel (ie. a few times a year) to build relationships and meet colleagues in other offices, Trondheim in particular, is expected.


INSCALE celebrates difference. Each team member's personal uniqueness contributes to a diverse and multifaceted community. We focus on supporting continued growth and development in all we do.

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