Go Developer

Industry - Financial Services
Level - Intermediate
  • Go
  • Web API
  • AWS
Employment - Full time
Work Model - In office

Client - Axo Group

Axo Group is a Fintech company and the go-to loan broker in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. We are present in the whole Nordic region under our brands: Axo Finans, LendMe and Axolania. We have been in the market for +10 years.

We operate as a broker between consumers looking to refinance and consolidate unsecure depth (credit cards and unsecure loans) and banks all over the Nordics. For the consumer we make sure you get the best offer with the best possible terms since we work with 25-35 banks in each market. For the banks we are an important marketing channel for attracting new customers.

Our business is doing tremendously well and based on our strategy to build one global platform we’re in the need of yet another skilled developer to help us build even more great stuff.

Why Join Us?

We are the challenger in the Nordic market, being market leader in Norway and Denmark, and growing quickly in Sweden and Finland taking market shares our goal is to be number 3 in the Nordics within two years and then aiming higher.
Our organization is as flat as it can be, we make big decisions in hours and days not weeks. We continuously follow a large set of business KPIs, we react immediately when trends are shifting, or something is wrong in our platform. We are extremely KPI focused, and we track everything we do and every code change to business impact. As a developer you will influence the business results every day!
We have been working with a modernization project for our platforms for a year+ and are aiming to shut down our 4 legacy platforms in Q3 2023. The new “One Platform” is built using modern technology and architecture. Cloud native, server less, microservice architecture, event based and extendable. We are following simple but powerful architecture principles, all interactions with the business logic must go through the API gateway, all microservices emit events to the queue and all external integrations ware built in a subscriber layer only listening to events and doing integrations and transactions for the platform.
One Platform is built in AWS, with Lambda functions triggered by API gateway and Event bridge for the subscription layer. We use GO as a programming language in the services and subscribers, terra form for infrastructure as code and React / Next.js in the front-ends.
The vision is to create an extendable and future prof broker platform that has extreme speed and scalability with everything running in parallel. In the future we will innovate and experiment with a lot of new product and services in the Fintech market with One Platform.

Oslo, Norway


You will become a member of a global Product & Tech team located in Oslo and Copenhagen, building a multi-language, highly scalable, cloud native, multi market broker platform, with a bare minimum of legacy code.
Your responsibilities will grow to match your abilities and experience.
Your Role:
• Working in a multifunctional team with high influence on how the broker platform is build
• Build reusable code and libraries for future use, collaborating with the team
• Write high-quality, tested, peer-reviewed code
• Identify opportunities and implement solutions to improve engineering productivity


Must Have:
• Experience with programming in GO or would like to transition from comparable language
• Eager to write understandable code
• Been writing web services/API’s for the last couple of years
Good To have:
• Experience with microservices and AWS is a plus
Soft Skills:
• Open and honest
• Focused
• Respectful snd Curious


BSc/MSc in Computer Science or extensive relevant work experience.

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