Senior Developer

Industry - Financial Services
Level - Senior
  • C#
  • Entity Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • .NET
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Why Join Us?

Muinmos was founded in 2012 by Remonda Z.Kirketerp-Møller, who foresaw the need to modernize client onboarding by using cutting-edge technologies, that can provide a fast, smooth yet still fully compliant client onboarding.
Over the last ten years, with significant investment in unique technology, and against the backdrop of an increasingly complex regulatory environment, Muinmos has developed its client onboarding platform, which delivers unmatched results.
The Muinmos team consists of some of the industry’s most respected FinTech entrepreneurs and technologists across Europe and Asia, with extensive in-house experience within global financial institutions as well as in-depth knowledge from working closely with regulators.
Keeping up-to-date and remaining compliant in a fluid regulatory landscape across multiple jurisdictions is a huge burden for financial institutions of all sizes.
Muinmos automates this process, providing a simple, fast and efficient way to address this issue, fully empowering financial institutions to drive their business forward whilst strengthening their compliance and protecting their investors.
A place where things are made differently, and answers are given in seconds.
It’s all about automation. We are domain experts.

Billund, Denmark


Muinmos are looking for an exceptional developer to join them in creating software solutions to revolutionize the RegTech space.
Muinmos ApS is a FinTech/RegTech company which has developed an award-winning, market-unique, proprietary engine, that provides financial institutions with completely automated, AI-driven client on-boarding.
As a fast-growing industry-leader who is seeking to preserve and further expand its technological advantage, we are looking for a senior developer who can boost our team and join us on the journey.
As a developer you love to work with complex solutions and have an eye for details, you can balance high-quality standards with fast-time-to-market focus. You will be in a position where there is short from idea to decision and will be able to put your mark on the product.
You will be tasked with driving forward the company’s software development. This will include software architecture, software development and custom development, all while maintaining a high level of coding and good working relations with your colleagues


Must Have:
  • +6 years of coding experience with C#
  • NET MVC / ASP.NET Core
  • Entity framework;
  • Good analytical skills and ability to understand a system with very high complexity.
Nice to Have:
  • Agile/Scrum
  • Cloud Solutions including Agile, Jira
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Angular JS
  • Razor
  • JavaScript / jQuery


Bachelor’s in software engineering / development would be nice to have

Company Benefits

We have 5 weeks + 5 days off.
There will be a stock option / warrant scheme at some point.


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