Quality Assurance Engineer

Industry - Healthcare
Level - Intermediate
  • Selenium
  • Postman
  • QA
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - WS Audiology

Formed in 2019, through the merger of Sivantos and Widex, WS Audiology combines over 140 years’ experience in pioneering the use of technology to help people with hearing loss hear the sounds that make life wonderful. We are active in over 125 markets and employ 11,000 people worldwide. Our broad portfolio of hearing related products and services generates annual revenues of around EUR 1.7 billion.

Learn about us on www.wsa.com


In collaboration with INSCALE, WS Audiology is looking to hire a software test professional for our test team - based in Skopje, Macedonia

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


As a QA engineer, your responsibility is to ensure the quality of the delivered web components. You will be responsible for:

1) functional testing
a. defining how to test deliveries, setting up the necessary environment and components for the
testing and
2) executing the tests (possibly using different tools) and
3) making final approval/UAT test with PO
4) automation testing
5) non-functional testing

Expected key tasks:
As a QA engineer, we expect you to:

- Take responsibility for automation/non-functional testing and QA of our web component deliveries,
• Different browsers, different devices, SEO requirements, Performance requirements
- Continuously improve test automation processes, methodologies, and usage of tools
- Execute the test of each delivery repeatedly until approval
- Register and report issues during the test and make sure issues are resolved

In time, our expectation is that you will also be able to assist:

- Specifying tasks from user stories and making them ready for development
- Support businesses on best practice usage of the software


We expect you to have deep technology insight is not a requirement, but experience with testing and web development is expected.

We expect you can document experience and results from:
- Automation testing(we use SeleniumWebDriver, SpectFlow, C#)
- Non – functional testing: performance(jMeter)
- Knowledge of any CMS
- Testing of web deliveries and knowledge of the needed variations
- Test planning and coordination with manual QAs
- Knowledge of web technologies
- Agile processes and agile tools (we use Jira / Azure DevOps)
- Communicating with software developers and business stakeholders
- Knowledge of Sitecore is a plus, but not a requirement

We also expect you to have these personal skills:

- Well-structured approach to your work
- Proactive
- Open-minded and trustworthy
- Supportive and service minded
- A global and multicultural understanding and mindset
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience


Willing to travel to Denmark/Germany ocassionally

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