UI Programmer

Industry - Gaming
Level - Intermediate
  • C#
  • uGUI
  • Unity3D
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Why Join Us?

At BetaDwarf we work with passion to create the most possible value with the time we have.
That means making bold moves and solving hard
problems, and sometimes failing, but always learning. We're ambitious and fast moving, but care deeply about making sure each team member is fulfilled in their work. With continuous 1on1s and feedback loops, we ensure everyone's passion is added to our games and delivered to the players.

Copenhagen NW, Denmark


As a Programmer, you will work in a small, close-knit team where your main responsibility will be to take Minion Masters, our most successful title to date, to the next level. Minion Masters is an addictive fast-paced hybrid of Card games & Tower-Defense available on PC and Xbox. You can play 1v1 - or bring a friend for 2v2 - and engage in epic online multiplayer battles full of innovative strategy and awesome plays! Ideally, you are driven, self-motivated and not afraid to express your opinions or come up with suggestions for improvements. You must be ready to take responsibility and identify areas that could benefit from your talents. We want you to make your mark on our world and our team, and join a collaborative effort to raise the quality of the entire experience we deliver to the players.
● Work together with our UX/UI designer to set up a versatile UI that will function on all platforms including iOS and Android.
● Implement game modes and other features.
● Improve the overall experience by fixing issues reported by both the community and our internal and external QA teams.


Must Have:
● 3+ years of industry experience.
● Excellent software design, problem-solving and debugging skills.
● 1+ year of experience with Unity’s UI (uGUI)
● 2+ years of experience with the Unity3D engine.
● Strong, established skills with C#
● Able to communicate & collaborate effectively with artists, designers, and other engineers.
● Gamer at heart
Good To Have:
● Experience with the MVVM framework.
● Experience with iOS and Android game development.
● Experience with cross-platform titles (mobile, PC and console).
● Exposure to Agile development methodologies.
● 10+ hours of playtime in Minion Masters.
Soft Skills:
● People who are willing to learn, who share their knowledge and opinions and who are comfortable in giving and receiving feedback.
● Entrepreneurial mindset. We don’t mind if people have ambitions of wanting to start their own thing - hopefully we can help them do that.
● Able to communicate & collaborate effectively with artists, designers, and other engineers.
● Passion and drive to improve all facets of the game and unlock the potential within the team.

Company Benefits

● 25 days paid vacation + national holidays.
● 40 hours/year paid time off to take care ofpersonal/practical stuff.
● Fully compensated parental leave.
● Danish work-life balance.
● Option to work remotely, hybrid or on-site.
● Relocation assistance to Denmark.
● Daily lunch buffet (including vegan/vegetarian option).
● Free snacks and beverages such as fruits, protein bars, cakes, etc.
● Friday bars, leisure activities and yearly 2-3 days offsite company events.
● An ambitious and dynamic team of fun, vibrant colleagues located near the heart of Copenhagen.
● Career growth opportunities via mentoring, courses, and an environment that challenges you to grow and focuses on continual improvement.
● To be part of a rapidly growing company.
● Venture journey with optional Employee Stock Option Program.


Not a requirement, but we would like everyone to participate in our yearly company trip.


Open for Remote as well

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