Mobile Developer

Industry - GPS
Level - Intermediate
  • Flutter
  • Java
  • Kotlin
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Remote


- 13-months Salary - Fully remote development position - Opportunity to work in a multicultural environment


We’re looking for a Mobile Developer to join the Teletrac Navman R&D Team. You will be involved in in all
phases of software development, from initial concepts, specification development, coding, validation and
software release to ensure maintenance and continual enhancement of the Teletrac Navman platforms,
business support tools, or other projects.
Key Accountabilities
 Maintain, develop and enhance Teletrac Navman software solutions
 Maintain, develop and enhance business support and process tools / projects as required
 Assist with analyzing requirements for new products, including liaising directly with end users and
product management
 Creates and maintains automated tests for high availability and highly scalable applications.
 Contribute to bug analysis / code review, analyzing development and test impacts, writing test tools
and identifying automation opportunities
 Promote and drive a passionate customer driven culture by ensuring a strong focus on delivery,
execution and the customer
 Ensure that you maintain proficiency in a wide range of technology products/platforms


• At least 3+ years of experience in Android development using Flutter. Experience with Java and Kotlin is
• Strong understanding with Android Architecture Components and design patterns.
• Demonstrated ability to deliver high quality applications to Google Play Store.
• Good knowledge with test automation framework and continuous integration.
• Knowledge in the location services, GIS, or geospatial industries would be an advantage but not
• Worked in an agile development environment.
• Demonstrated strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate effectively
at all levels.
• Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems and the ability to come up with and communicate quick
and creative solutions.
• Displays professional attitude with high standards in development and documentation.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field


Not required


Soft Skills:
• Strong attention to detail and has demonstrated the ability to solve complex problems skills and the
ability to come up and communicate quick and creative solutions
• The ability to work independently and in a team, contributes on improving software quality and being able
to share the knowledge with each other
• Strong desire to succeed with a desire for organisational progression
• Ability to understand/learn new languages, technologies, and tools
• Interested in using automation and innovation to help a business run smoothly and grow
• Professional attitude with high standards in development and documentation

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