Senior iOS/Swift Developer

Industry - Healthcare
Level - Senior
  • IOS
  • Swift
  • git
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Adent

Adent is a Danish start-up/scale-up. Adent works within the Dental industry, where we develop an App and website to be used by end-users enabling them to identify potential dental problems at an early stage.

After the upload of a picture of patient teeth, the mobile and the web application based on AI and Machine learning, will get you a qualified answer on the status of your dental condition. The Application will also bridge end-users with dentists for further investigation, recommendations, etc.


In collaboration with INSCALE, Adent is looking to hire mobile software developers, to be based in Skopje, Macedonia. Working closely with the agile development team in Macedonia and Denmark, you will be responsible for its portfolio of mobile applications.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


As an iOS Engineer in the mobile app team, you will be responsible for the development, maintenance, and support of applications for the iOS platform. You will work closely with the team based in Denmark and participate fully in all aspects of the development process, from feature design and estimation to architecture, technical design, and development.

You will become part of Adent with responsibility for the development of our proprietary assessment technologies and software for use in dental care with end users and dentists as primary target groups. Adent works with agile methods and expects you to embrace this approach to project management and execution.

The people at Adent are passionate about making an important and positive difference in people’s dental health and their quality of life. They place great emphasis on social relations with colleagues and work hard on creating a casual and productive working atmosphere.


- At least 5+ years of professional development experience with iOS
- Strong command of Swift, UIKit, the related toolset and popular third-party libraries
- Have firm opinions and is highly knowledgeable in best practices, design patterns, and architecture within iOS, data state management, API integration, and similar
- Experience with Git and Continuous Integration tools will be a plus
- Experience with efficient upload of files/images/video, online handling of image display and manipulation or related is a plus
- Passionate about your work and keep up to date with the latest technology and methods within mobile application development
- Strong spirit of innovation and the ability to come up with solutions to meet business problems
- Solid teamwork and interpersonal skills and ability to work and communicate in a diverse and multicultural team
- Able to adapt to rapidly changing Agile/Scrum development process
- Positive energy, open-mindedness, and a strong proactive attitude
- Fluent in verbal and written English.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience


Willing to travel to Denmark for introduction, training, and teambuilding activities

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