Senior HR Specialist

Industry - Offshore Outsourcing
Level - Senior
  • Human Resource
  • Communication
  • Management
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Inscale Macedonia

INSCALE is a European offshore development company with offices based in Denmark, Malaysia, Portugal, Ukraine and Macedonia. We establish permanent development teams for European and Australian companies with ongoing development of software applications. Each team works as an integrated part of the customer's organization. We offer our employees an opportunity to work on exciting projects and learn the western development procedures and culture. We have an informal management style where you will have autonomy and responsibility allowing you to develop your skills and grow your value as an IT professional. We greatly value what our employees contribute to INSCALE, and always strive to reward our employees with challenging work and competitive environment. We are more than 500 employees representing numerous nationalities, which makes our work environment internationally oriented, diverse and encourages collaboration internally and regionally. For more information, see


The people of INSCALE are the very heart of our organization, and on the road to growth, we are eagerly looking to design and implement the best people practices. The Senior HR Specialist is a crucial part of our core team that enables the company to run at its best. It is a role that provides strategic and operational guidance across the company, to enable the best possible people to experience.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


Alignment of HR programs and practices with business needs:
• Partner with the leadership team to understand, design and execute the organization's human resource and talent strategy
• Develop, oversee, refine, and execute employee standards and procedures
• Analyze results, assesses risks, and partner with leaders to develop action plans to impact retention, productivity, and morale
• Participate in projects related to events management, learning, and development, employer branding
• and internal communications
• Provide support and guidance to the HR team, management, and other staff when complex, specialized, and sensitive questions and issues arise

Enabling exceptional employee and client experience
• Work closely with clients and teams in improving quality of cooperation and account performance via supporting HR activities linked to the employee lifecycle
• Design, refine & execute the onboarding program and ensure employee adaptation and stabilization
• Work closely with clients and managers, acting as HR advisor, assisting in developing, aligning and
• coordinating HR initiatives for the teams with INSCALE (performance appraisals, engagement surveys, compensation reviews, separation procedures, reports, etc.)
• Assist the delivery manager in the onboarding process of new clients and managers

Ensuring legal and policy compliance
• Supporting other company functions in the maintenance of compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations, and recommended best practices
• Review policies and practices to maintain compliance


Requirements for work experience/skills:
• Experience with day-to-day HR practices (preferably in a client-faced and/or IT environment)
• Good understanding of the role of the human resources department in a business
• Experienced in handling ownership of projects
• Experience with the design and implementation of company policies and procedures
• Service-oriented with outstanding communication and presentation skills, both verbal and written
• Excellent computer literacy (HR systems, MS Office, or related tools)
• Skilled in time management and prioritizing
• Experience working as part of a team
• Familiar with local labor law and related legal regulations
• Fluent in English communication

Personal characteristics:
• High social and emotional intelligence
• Attentive and self-driven personality
• Adept at problem-solving and conflict resolution
• Confident in making decisions
• Creative and purpose-oriented approach
• A personality of integrity and confidentiality
• Willingness to learn and advance

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