Team Lead

Industry - IT Software
Level - Lead
  • .NET
  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Mobaro

Our client is a company that offers the Leisure, Sport and Entertainment industry a software and consultancy service to effectively take care of safety, maintenance and operational procedures. From years of collaboration with industry professionals, they have developed the technology and know how to enable their clients to take better care of their number one priority: Safety.

With their range of specialized products, they are a critical piece in the operation of amusement parks ensuring that their equipment and staff are working efficiently and safely.

The software is in play at 150+ parks around the world and used everywhere from top management, team supervisors, field staff and all the way down to the individual operator at the rides. Making sure that the wheels are turning and the guests are safe and happy.

Why Join Us?

• You will be given the freedom to work on exciting and challenging projects revolving around the core platform as well as the mobile app
• Niche software for an industry that is both fun and serious at the same time

Viby J, Denmark


You are motivated by developing critical software for an industry where it is a vital part of their daily operation and safety for guests and employees alike. As a ‘lead’, you manage the art of balancing between being hands-on with development and technical details as well as being an accessible lead for the rest of the team when it comes to code/quality review, support and motivation.
You will be a key player in scoping and planning the team’s effort, in tandem with the other team(s), across all of Mobaro’s products. Making sure that long-term product strategy is supported by short- and medium- term development efforts. You will of course be working closely together with the existing team lead.
You will be spearheading a new development team within Mobaro planned to initially consist of 3-4 people, including yourself. You will be flanked by the existing development team also consisting of 4 people, to aid in the general development of the Mobaro platform to meet the increased demand and ambition for our collective product offering.


Must-to-have skills:
• Minimum 5 years of proven experience with relevant software development – preferably in a lead role with architecture responsibility
• Experience with Modern C# and .NET
• Experience with TypeScript and JavaScript
• Familiar with Version Control, preferably Git

Good-to-have skills:
• Experience with AngularJS
• Experience and an interest in system architecture for large and complex applications
• Database systems – preferably document databases such as RavenDB and MSSQL
• Cross-Platform app development with Cordova – preferably also Ionic
• Experience with Azure

Soft skills:
• Need to be well-versed in English at a technical level. Communicate is vital in this role to participate in daily stand up and speaks freely in technical level.
• You should be comfortable in a role with a high level of responsibility for yourself and your time and a workday where you will engage in technical discussions with colleagues inside and outside the developer team.
• Looking for motivated and driven employee
(Looking for capacity who are driven and motivated to achieve their goal. Trust people are accountable for their task and what needs to be done without supervision).


• Preferable a relevant academic education, BS/MA (Computer Science, Software, etc.) and/or a proven track record as a software developer and team lead.

Company Benefits

• Opt-in pension plan
• Private health insurance - Employee can opt the (Will be deduction from salary)
• Annual leave entitlement – 5 week’s vacation
• Standard Medical Leave
• Lunch is partially paid – on monthly basis
• Fixed Allowances


• No need to travel but may require travelling for onboarding process to Denmark and fly when required to attend in-house activities.

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