Senior Frontend Developer

Industry - Financial Services
Level - Senior
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.JS
  • ReactJs
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Uniify ApS

Uniify is a fintech company that helps financial companies with onboarding their customers in an easy, fast and secure way. We offer a one-stop platform that makes it fast, easy and secure for financial companies to collect data on their customers. Our goal is to handle all necessary financial data sources in one unified solution that ensures your compliance when retrieving data and onboarding customers.

Why Join Us?

We are not locked into any specific technology.
We need skilled people with good code and people who want to try new technologies and new way of working, Uniify could a good place to explore. We give them responsibilities, where they take ownership and have freedom to try out things and produce good solutions.
Why customers choose us:
• We help our customers make smarter business decisions with digital solutions that make the onboarding process significantly faster, cheaper and simpler.
• With our customized digital onboarding flow, you are guaranteed a better, more secure and smooth customer experience that retains customers and increases revenue.

Copenhagen, Denmark


In the job, you will be part of developing our interface with our customers and their customers - our front-end. Your work will include:
• Develop and maintain great user-friendly interfaces that help our customers and their users in their daily lives.
• Create business-critical interfaces with wide browser support, but also cool features for our clients to drag-and-drop build their flows.
• Continuous deployments – we deploy new features when they’re ready.
• Working with the newest technologies


You are passionate about technology and development with focus on stability and problem-solving. You want to work in close collaboration with your colleagues to solve problems, but you present solutions rather than problems. We are looking for a candidate willing to join a small team, with room to learn, grow and be part of shaping the product from an early stage. Your qualifications should include at least a few of the following (but not all):
Strong skills in:
• JavaScript frameworks (Vue.js and/or React)
• Bootstrap and/or tailwind CSS
• HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, jQuery
• Strong interest in learning new things and helping to find solutions
• Knowledge or Interest in learning atomic design
• Basic knowledge of microservices architecture
• Knowledge of CI/CD setups (we run on Heroku)
• Experience with GraphQL
Soft Skills:
• Good communication both in verbal and written
• Ability to communicate and work without constant hand-holding
• Have an independent mind that can speak their opinion and participate in conversations about solutions and roadmap

Company Benefits

• Vacation – Danish standards
• Flexible working hours (City center)
• Near Public Transport
• Social gathering/Free Coffee/tea
• Skill development
• New tech gear
• Remote work allowed
• Central office
• Free office snacks
• Work life balance

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