Senior Mainframe Developer

Industry - Pension
Level - Senior
  • Cobol
  • JCL
  • CICS
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Hybrid

Client - Danica Pension

Danske Bank is a Nordic bank with strong local roots and bridges to the rest of the world. For more than 150 years, we have helped people and businesses in the Nordics realise their ambitions. Today, we serve personal, business, and institutional customers and in addition to banking services, we offer life insurance and pension, mortgage credit, wealth management, real estate, and leasing services. In Denmark, Danske Bank’s roots go back to 1871, when Den Danske Landmands bank was founded. Through the years, the bank has grown through mergers with many local and regional banks. One of the most important mergers took place in 1990, when Den Danske Landmands bank merged with two other major Danish banks, making Danske Bank the largest bank in Denmark.

Danica Pension is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Danske Bank Group. We have regional offices in large towns around Denmark and a subsidiary in Norway, where we are experiencing strong growth.

We have about one million customers in Denmark and Norway. We specialise in pension schemes, life insurance policies and health insurance covers and we have total pension funds of DKK 500 billion with annual contributions of DKK 35 billion.


Want to work in a Scandinavian working environment and Highly engaging team with performance based culture. This is an opportunity is for you to explore, learn and innovate new technologies

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


We are looking for an IT professional to join our mainframe development team in Kuala Lumpur. The applications are built on IBM mainframe running z/OS, developed in PL1, COBOL and CICS, against DB2. This incumbent needs to be capable in business analysis and software development, including functional specification, design and technical specification, coding, documentation, and testing. Each team member would have solid COBOL or PL1 hands-on experience. They would have the same core experience in their own field. You would be also working concurrently with the team in KL and Denmark.


Must Have Actively Developing COBOL or PL1 Programs on zOS in the past 3 – 5 years Actively working with ISPF/AS400 and JCL in the past 3 – 5 years. A Team Player Very good Analytical, Critical Thinking, and Problem-Solving Skills Good-to-Have Experience with Banking, Financial or Insurance Sector Experience in IBM RDz (Rational Developer for zOS), IBM WebSphere Debug Tool, Fault Analyzer, OPC or JLOG Have knowledge or experience working with SQL. Working in SCRUM Methodology and believes in the benefit of SCRUM Basics understanding in CICS Open-minded and Accepting to Changes


B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or another technical field


No travel is required

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