Devops Cloud Specialist

Industry - IT
Level - Senior
  • DevOps
  • Azure Devops
  • Powershell
Employment - Full time
Work Model - In office

Why Join Us?

Stable company, 20+ years, long term customers.
Multiple Success-stories Working with the latest Technologies available. Cloud-only if possible. Your voice is heard – creativity is appreciated and rewarded.
We offer an exciting and creative environment, flexibility and committed people. We are a small organization that has incredible fun together and that shares successes and setbacks.



As a DevOps – Cloud Specialist at WCOM, you will work with a wide range of services, projects, and customers. You have a background as a developer and are used to managing cloud services within Microsoft Azure. You'll feel at home in the DevOps world at the intersection of development and operations. You will actively work with architecture, migration and new set-up of the customer's infrastructure and environment.


Must Have:
To thrive with us, we see that you have a few years of experience in:
• Azure
• DevOps
• Automation
• Pipelines
• Deployment
• Infrastructure
• Powershell scripting
Good To Have:
• Bicep
• Kubernetes
• GitOps
Soft Skills:
• We value your practical knowledge and experience more than your formal education. You have a burning interest in IT and Technology and enjoy working with many different technologies.
• You know that quality is crucial for the satisfaction of cus-tomers • As a person, you are self-motivated, structured and fo-cused.
• You like to work both independently and in a team. • You are driven by methodically solving problems.
• You have also understood the importance of engaging with the customer and are 100% dedicated to the customer when it matters.

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