Full Stack Developer

Intermediate - Full time
Industry - Software development
  • AngularJS
  • .NET
  • JavaScript

Our client is a company that develops ERP systems for companies in Norway. ProdSys ERP system to many different industries and to companies of all sizes. ProdSys is an ERP system that covers companies' total needs for an IT system. It is a system that is used throughout the entire process from offer to finish product or service. The software is designed for international use and work in 35 different languages. What makes ProdSys so different from other systems on the market is that this is sewn into a comprehensive package so that you do not need more systems to cover the company's requirements. In today's market, it is now even more important to have systems and procedures that ensure that you have full control over your projects and your production at all times. The system is cloud-based and available on PC, tablet and mobile.

Why Join Us?

• Offsite position means remote opportunity working at your own space
• Given freedom and responsibility to work in all layers of architecture
• Gets great insight of the solution
• Flexible work time as long they cover 8 hours a day
• Colleagues like friend with informal way of communication and free to speak
• New Technology suggestions from the team are welcome


We are looking for a passionate Full Stack Developer to join our team. You will be part of the team that is responsible for the design, frontend development and backend development, testing, documentation of various Business Applications. You will get the opportunity to work on the latest technology and influence on technology. You will be working across different projects / teams to ensure that we have some common structure for the Frontend components.
Your responsibilities will include:
• To design and develop the frontend and backend components for responsive web applications and websites.
• Create and develop functions in ERP system for desktop and web application.
• Transfer existing functions from desktop to web application.
• Writing efficient, clean, maintainable, high-performance code.
• Main programming in Angular, JavaScript, C# and Typescript


Must-to-have skills:
• A solid minimum 3 years of experience in Angular, CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, C# .NET, and RESTful services
• Preferably have good experience with Microsoft SQL server
• Proven experience in building cross-browser compatible and responsive web applications

Good-to-have skills:
• Good understanding of any of the popular JavaScript frameworks
• Exposure to Agile/ SCRUM way of working
• Exposure with good user interface
• Knowledge in PWA

Soft skills:
• You have an open mindset and are eager to learn.
• You are not afraid to share your ideas
• Good communication skills
• Scandinavian work mentality
• Willingness to stay and grow together to ensure long term success


• BS/BA degree in computer science, engineering or related discipline OR relevant years of experience in required skills

Company Benefits

• Flexible working hours
• Work life balance
• Laptop and other necessary hardware are provided.
• Yearly bonus program for all employee

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