Functional Analyst

Intermediate - Full time
Industry - Financial services
  • SQL
  • UML
  • Communication

Client - Gambit Financial Solutions

Gambit Financial Solutions is a company that provides investment advice software that helps digitize investment advisory, lowers costs of investments, and make investments more easily accessible for the masses. Created in 2007 by a group of scientists at HEC-University of Liège, Gambit has evolved into a full-fledge commercial company before being acquired by BNP Paribas Asset Management in 2017. Their software solutions for client profiling, portfolio optimization and risk management are used throughout Europe in various banks, insurances, private wealth institutions and other financial sectors. Gambit is a leader in constant evolution, continuously working closely with the academic community while heavily investing in R&D and innovation projects to improve the quality of services provided. Today, Gambit Financial Solutions counts over 80 employees across four branches in Europe and has recently opened a development center in KL. The ambition at Gambit is simple: to put customers at the heart of investment advice by use of innovative technology.


Gambit Financial Solutions is a company created in 2007 as a spin-off of HEC-Liège (Management school of Liège University). Today being an independent entity in growth, their software solutions of customer profiling, portfolio optimization and risk management are implemented in various financial institutions in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. Every one of these solutions have been designed based on a solid financial and software development expertise. The ambition of the young company is simple but however utterly innovative: put the client in the center of the investment advisory. Gambit Financial Solutions can count on about ninety employees and four offices in Europe. It doesn’t stop growing with new talents and keep working with tight links with universities and scientific community which stays an important driving force of innovation.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


As Functional Analyst, you actively take part in the products’ life and the implementation of those products at our clients. You will join a multi-disciplinary team and will oversee specifying the functionalities of the tool based on the client or the PO’s requirements and technical constraints. You also take part in the products roadmap definition

As a Functional Analyst, you will:
• Collect and understand the clients’ and the market’s needs, expressed by the Product Owner or Project Manager;
• Understand and analyse how these needs could be implemented;
• Find solutions to meet clients’ requirements using new or existing products in collaboration with our architects and senior experts;
• Translate those requirements into functional specifications that can be easily used by developers and QA officers;
• Follow-up their technical analysis, development, validation and production phases;
• Follow-up the Quality Acceptance;
• Take part and/or take the lead on the evolutions of the products and their roadmap;
• Reactivity and adaptability will be part of your daily challenges, as the Fintech environment is always on the move.


Must Have:
• 3 years of experience in software conception or a relevant experience as a functional or business analyst in IT field
• Proven affinities with digital applications and/or information technologies
• Strong analytical skills, with the ability to quickly understand and resolve issues, in the context of IT-oriented projects
• Basic UML understanding is required.

Good to have:
• Experience with business process modelling techniques such as BPMN
• Previous experience in the banking sector and specifically in investment advisory activities is a plus.
• Basic knowledge of project management
• Experience in SQL is a plus
• Basic knowledge in finance is a plus
• Experience working with overseas teams is a plus
• Good oral and written communication skills, including documentation and presentation skills.
• Comfortable communicating across business divisions and levels of seniority
• Able to set priorities and manage time
• Knowledge of general business processes and functions in the - Insurance / Life and Pension / Banking and Financial Industry

Soft skills:
• Team-player and team-oriented attitude
• Client oriented mindset
• Stress resilient
• Open to travel for periodic workshops or missions
• Solution-driven
• Think outside the box
• Resourceful and take initiatives to find solutions
• Whatever it takes!


Bachelor or Master's degree, preferably in a computer science or technology field such as engineering, or a business degree with a strong interest in computer science, information technology, or a similar field


You may be required to travel to Belgium for internal product team meeting but that depends on project requirements.


All successful applicants will receive an official invite within 2 weeks of your application to discuss the next steps in the Job Application.

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