Office Assistant

Intermediate - Full time
Industry - Offshore outsourcing
  • Communication
  • Microsoft Office
  • Problem Solving


This role is responsible for workplace administrative tasks to support the workplace manager in managing the office space and coworking clients. The main core function includes managing the front desk, pantry services, office services [e.g. cleaning, pest control, potted plant, etc], procurement arrangement, logistic support [e.g. travel, accommodation, courier, transport, etc] arrangement, administrative support and any other task assigned by the supervisor.

Lisbon, Portugal


• Provide front desk services at a reception counter, mailing and courier services, stationery
supplies for the office and answering telephone calls for company general lines.
• Conduct weekly inspection of the entire office space and report any issues to the workplace
• Manage travel arrangements which includes transportation, accommodation and liaise with
the hotel for corporate discounts.
• Manage the pantry services such as maintain the beverages inventory, replenish the
beverages, liaise with vendors, etc.
• Ensure food storage organizers, utensils, plates, cups etc. is provided to each pantry area.
• Provide sufficient supply of groceries such as dairy products, coffee beans, drinking water,
biscuits, bread, fruits, cereal etc.
• Responsible to manage the office security such as visitor access, employee access and
maintain the checklist for access card activation and reactivation.
• Responsible for managing the office services such as office cleaning, potted plant, pest
control, etc.
• Coordinate and monitor activities of contract suppliers, manage vendor relationships and
ensure the signed contract checklist update regularly.
• Assist workplace manager in managing the procurement activities such as issuance of
Purchase Order, Received Goods and Services and Payment of Invoices.
• Assist the workplace manager in managing the coworking clients which includes managing
the booking system, liaise with finance for issuance of invoices, communicate with clients,
• Support other workplace administrative tasks as assigned by the supervisor as an when


• At least 2 years experience in Facilities/Administration/Workplace Assistance/
Procurement Assistance
• Good in MS Office (MS Word/Excel/Power Point)
• Good communication and negotiation skills
• Good planning and organizational skills
• Possess good problem analysis skills and able to make decisions
• A ‘can do’ attitude in facing challenges and problem solving.
• Customer service orientation and team player.
• Able to communicate and write in English.


• Professional Certificate or Degree in a relevant subject


• The position requires work in the office five days a week.

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