Guidewire IT Specialist - Frontend

Intermediate - Full time
Industry - It
  • ReactJs
  • Guidewire
  • Java

Client - Topdanmark

Topdanmark is Denmark's second largest insurance company, and they are happy to have a wide and numerous range of customers, i.e. more than one million personal customers, every second Danish farm and one in six businesses in Denmark. They think it is an exciting challenge to supply attractive and up-to-date products to modern consumers and to be a competent partner in a lively and dynamic market. Topdanmark is a publicly traded company with headquarters in Ballerup.

Topdanmark has 2,400 employees across the country (350 IT employees). Their principal task is to help those people who have shown confidence in them by letting them manage insurance policies or pension schemes. Topdanmark offers an attractive workplace with high professionalism and job satisfaction. You will get to work with competent and motivated colleagues in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

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We are hiring Guidewire IT Specialist- Frontend to join us to run a huge Guidewire implementation project.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


As a Topdanmark Guidewire IT specialist, you will be working in the non-life insurance policy
administration space. You will be working on a team to implement - and later further develop and maintain Guidewire in Topdanmark.

You will have the following responsibilities:
• Design, configure/develop, and unit test solutions using Guidewire Policy Center (or) Portal product
Participate in all phases from requirements/scoping through deployment:
• Coordination of dependencies
• Workshop plan and execution
• Capture and understand business requirements and domain
• Design and create deliverables
• Configuration and development
• Implementation and testing
• Build expertise in key technical, functional, and professional skills
• Participating in planning and coordinating own/team's activities to meet deliverable commitments and
quality expectations
• Implement better and/or innovative ways to meet goals or overcome obstacles
• Work collaboratively with other team members (Topdanmark on-site/offshore, System integrator,
Guidewire) from different disciplines and backgrounds
• Review the design and code of team members and peers
• Clearly communicate, work with onsite/offshore teams and architect as required to deliver effectively
• Work with other internal IT teams (including users, onshore and offshore)
• Provide technical integration and configuration guidance, coaching for the team to deliver


To succeed in this role, you must have:
• Relevant years of experience in the software industry with Frontend development
• Experience with Guidewire Digital – frontend component OR
• Experience with modern frontend application framework; ReactJS
• Experience in development skills such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS
• Experience in Agile / SCRUM delivery environment
• Knowledge of responsive design or adaptive UI
In case you have no Guidewire Digital experience, you must know ReactJS / Java.

Extra points when we assess your application:
• Experience working in any backend languages OR experience in Java would be a plus.
• Exposure in REST API
• Guidewire Portal development experience
• P&C insurance business processes and operating model development
• Full understanding of the policy & billing administration life cycle

Soft skills:
• A self-starter with minimal supervision required. Someone who can work individually or within a team environment.
• A team player and have experience in working in international teams (including cultural awareness, virtual / remote working).
• Good written and spoken English skills and must be able to speak up! You should be comfortable working in a low hierarchy organization. Strong communication skills are required to communicate better with team members, stakeholders, and end users.
• Easy going – and comfortable with direct communication among peers.
• Able to be proactive within the organisation and want to do more and experience new projects or tasks.
• Ready to question, has a natural habit of sharing knowledge.
• A commitment to collaborative problem solving and product quality is essential.
• Be accustomed and comfortable working within a team-based, experimental agile environment (Scrum Team) that is centric to development.
• Ready for long term commitment


• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field


• You may be required to travel to Denmark depending on the project, subject to Covid travel restrictions.


All successful applicants will receive an official invite within 2 weeks of your application to discuss the next steps in your job application.

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