Senior Developer

Senior - Full time
Industry - Banking & retail
  • .NET
  • REST
  • SQL

Client - Aprila Bank

The client we represent is a brand new digital API-based bank that offers services to small and medium-sized businesses. The bank opened its doors in 2018 and has been offering financing solutions to small businesses directly and through partners. The company offers financing and banking products for SMBs that are far simpler, faster, and more accessible than what is currently available in Norway and Europe.

Their high ambitions motivate them to develop their own digital solutions to deliver small businesses the funding and attention they deserve. They have garnered attention from within and outside Norway since their launch and are now working with some of the largest software, banking, and finance companies in the Nordic region.

Why Join Us?

Good conditions as well as option program for employees | Office located in Oslo city center, as well as great flexibility for home office | A varied, exciting and challenging position where you get to develop | A technology-focused organization where technology and data are at the heart of what we do and with a leadership that understands technology | Virtually free of legacy – the opportunity to work with a completely new platform | An innovative and fast-paced environment where your colleagues will be some of the most skilled in the field | Social work culture where we are having a lot of fun together, both in and out of work | A unique opportunity to help build a digital bank for the corporate market

Oslo, Norway


You are genuinely interested in creating products and services that make a difference and want to help address one of Europe's biggest economic challenges, namely small businesses' access to good and efficient banking and financing products. You have a couple of years of experience from the consulting industry or as an in-house developer and are now ready to take the next step in your career. You think building a new cloud-native platform, virtually free of legacy, sounds like one of the most exciting things you'd like to work with.

Tasks and responsibilities:
• We are a close-knit technology team that works closely with those responsible for product development, as well as other disciplines in the bank.
• Using the latest versions of C# and .NET, we're running everything like Azure App Services, Azure Functions, or K8s in the cloud, with fully automated pipelines in Azure DevOps, so you’ll work with all the latest technologies from Microsoft.
• We will both improve the existing products and launch new ones, and you will be heavily involved in this work.
• We offer our services both through APIs used by our partners, as well as our own surfaces. You will work to develop these, including working with developers with our partners on how we can improve and create new APIs.


Must to have skills:
• Experience in C# and .NET
• Experience in backend and frontend development
• Experience working in SQL database
• Experience creating REST-based APIs.
• Interest in underlying infrastructure, networks and general IT understanding (basic knowledge)

Good to have skills:
• Development in Blazor and Razor.
• Experience in creating and designing solutions as well as associated architectural work.
• Experience or interest in developing cloud solutions in Azure. (definitely a plus)
• Knowledge within security mechanisms such as OAuth, Open-ID Connect, JWT, etc.
• Interest for DevOps, CI/CD/Azure DevOps
• Interest for Infrastructure-as-code vha ARM or Bicep

Soft skills:
• Passion for creating products or services that makes a difference
• Has sense of ownership
• Maintain the developed code
• Looking for candidates to simplify the solutions rather than complicating.
• Has good technical design process.
• Talking to stakeholders and willing to communicate


Degree in Computer Science or any related fields

Company Benefits

• 5 week paid holliday
• Mobile phone + plan
• Subsidized internet and workout expenses
• Pension and insurance plan

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