Senior Software Engineer

Senior - Full time
Industry - Oil & gas
  • .NET
  • OOP
  • C#

Client - Sekal

Our client empowers change and believes every well can be drilled, every sidetrack can be avoided, and new drilling records can be broken. Through a combination of digital solutions and industrial technology, they are leading the transition to drilling automation and setting the standard for real-time drilling diagnostics and optimization. It can detect, mitigate, and intervene in drilling problems earlier and on an industrial scale by harnessing the power of drilling autonomy. The software compares data from the current drilling operations with a real-time, digital model of the well, which dynamically adjusts based on borehole conditions. Over 400 wells around the world have already experienced the value of their digital solutions and analytics. With the freedom to push performance boundaries, they have achieved safer, more consistent, and more efficient drilling. Their technology and expertise are enabling autonomous drilling operations and creating a route to drill the unreachable.

Why Join Us?

• Be part of our R&D team who has been recognized for it innovative and advanced software modelling development.
• The opportunity to work and contribute to further development of a world leading software technology that contributes to digitizing the drilling process, make it safer, more efficient and reducing cost and emissions.
• A rapidly growing and ambitious organization with exciting global challenges ahead
• Entrepreneurial, knowledgeable, experienced, and creative colleagues
• Modern software development technologies and methodologies

Stavanger, Norway


The main focus of client’s R&D team is to deliver advanced software solutions that enables real time safeguarding and optimization of the well construction process, lookahead simulations and post review the operation to support a continuous improvement process and reduce non-productive time.
Our client is looking for a knowledgeable, proactive and flexible Senior Software Engineer with a university degree in software development to strengthen our development team.
The perfect candidate is a good software developer that enjoys working with algorithms, has good technical understanding, is eager to learn and takes pride in good software craftsmanship and delivering working software. The development platform is C#/.Net.

The responsibilities of the team:
• Design and implement new features and solutions
• Programming in .Net and C#
• Work in a software development team using Scrum/agile methods
• Work with technologies as; MVVM, WPF, WCF, SignalR, SQL, Historian DB, Redis and WEB technologies like Angular and/or React
• Participate in research projects
• Participate in pre-projects and project evaluations
• Product development, testing and maintenance.


Must to have:
• Minimum 5 years relevant technical experience in Software Development
• Experienced in .NET, C# or C++
• Skilled in object-oriented programming
• Fluent in English, written and spoken

Nice to have:
• Experienced in test-driven development
• Knowledge of the Drilling domain is an advantage, but not a requirement

Soft skills:
• Proactive and motivated self-starter who takes ownership of his/her responsibilities
• Take pride in making clean and readable code and high focus on good architecture
• Analytical, systematic and organized
• Solution-oriented
• Ability to work autonomously and within a team with excellent cooperative skills
• Eligible to reside and work in Norway
• Good communicator
• Customer-focused


• Bachelor's or Master's degree in software development or other relevant technical discipline

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