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Client : Prooffice ApS

Industry : Software

ProOffice is a Danish software company that develops IT-supported educational solutions for several big Danish companies and institutions.

The company provides custom solutions ranging from automated Word templates and database applications to web applications and client/server solutions. With a wide-ranging professional, technical and academic expertise, ProOffice acts as a full-service provider in the fields of specialized software solutions while simultaneously being able to foresee potential practical problem areas on behalf of its clients.

For more info about ProOffice, feel free to visit the company's website at


INSCALE has set up a high-performing agile offshore development team for ProOffice based in Skopje, Macedonia. We are currently hiring a committed and detailed Technical QA to contribute to the organizations continued success.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


This job position is primarily focused on expanding our quality assurance team that is focused on the continuous development of the plan2learn platform. Plan2learn is a large-scale LMS and HR system that supports a big part of the Danish public sector with HR and learning tools. Plan2learn has a daily user base on above 700.000 thousand users with potential daily access to plan2learn.

As QA and part of a larger development set-up, you will work together with a development team that develops and maintains new functionalities and features for the company’s core product, plan2learn.

By joining the development team of plan2learn you will be part of a very diverse and skilled team that handles everything from technical documentation, architecture, production, test, and implementation in our continuous efforts to deliver the best HR-system/LMS for large organizations.

- You will be our fourth full technical QA in Macedonia and thus you will be an essential resource in establishing a professional offshore quality assurance team.

- You will be responsible for helping with implementing a technical test framework across all Plan2learn applications in cooperation with the current senior QA, business development, software development, and support department.

- You will be partly responsible over time for ensuring the functional requirements is met on the different application before the deadline.


- You are a critical/analytical thinker, who works in a structured and methodical way
- 1 to 2 years of practical work experience as technical QA would be a plus
- Professional experience with VSTS and some of the testing tools provided by Microsoft would be a plus
- General knowledge, but not necessarily the ability to practice - the following technologies:
- C#/.NET (ASP/MVC/Core 2.0), MS SQL, Knockout JS, WebPack
- It would be a plus if you have experience with automated tests of complex web applications
- Able to understand complex business logic and to create test cases and give feedback on those test cases to the development team
- Professional experience with technical documentation and feedback of test results to software developers that are corking with the above-mentioned technologies
- Positive energy, persistent, structured, and very detail-oriented.
- Fluent in verbal and written English


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience


Willing to travel to Denmark for introduction, training, and teambuilding activities when conditions again allow traveling

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