Leads/Senior IT/ Technical Recruiters (Remote)

Intermediate - Full time
  • Recruitment
  • Sourcing
  • Communication

Client : Inscale RaaS

Industry : Outsourcing/Offshoring

With Recruitment as a Service (RaaS), INSCALE is giving clients the ability to scale their IT organization by sourcing global talent not only within their business locations but around the globe. In the age of digitalization, we support our clients to develop and grow their teams. RaaS offers an ‘one-time placement’ approach and will step into your existing structure, maintaining a continuous relationship and augmenting hiring efforts to achieve the best results. We will tailor the hiring process and needs to fit your requirements. We specialize in specific sectors, business domains, niche segments, innovative technologies, and/or technologies in need of skilled workers. For more information, see https://www.inscale.net

Why Join Us?

INSCALE offers you an international experience, collaborative working environment and opportunity to stay in technical shape.
As a team member, you play an important role in a fast-growing and well-respected product-based tech company. Here, your voice is heard, and your input is welcome. Your direct access to top management is encouraged and our team members are supported, valued and given the opportunity to develop and grow.
We foster a collaborative working environment, where every team member is relevant and respected. At INSCALE we are focused on attracting and retaining talent. That’s why our employees are the epitome of our success.

Copenhagen, Denmark


INSCALE is growing rapidly and is therefore searching for an IT Recruiter to join our high performing and dynamic headhunting team. We work for international clients with positive reputation in the job market.
You will be working directly with international clients and at the same time be able to lead projects.
You should thrive for performance and be a team player. You should be able to communicate directly with the Hiring Managers/Clients you are recruiting for, and ensure they have positive experience with INSCALE. Likewise, you should enjoy giving IT professionals career opportunities, which best fit their qualifications and goals.
Your roles and responsibilities will include the following:
• Executing the recruitment processes which includes working with hiring managers, identifying
• Candidates lead sources, conducting evaluation processes, organizing client interviews, to closing the positions
• Understanding the Software Development Lifecycle. This includes knowledge of different programming languages, frameworks and methodologies currently used and are popular in the IT community
• Identifying and attracting relevant candidates. This includes source passive/active candidates through a variety of search methods (web sourcing, Boolean searches, social media networking, internal database, job boards, user groups and candidate referrals.)
• Managing the evaluation process. This includes both, technical & soft skills assessment
• Compassionate and consultative mindset to support your candidates on every step of the journey, from initial contact, up until they walk through our doors on day one
• Continuously improving our recruitment and evaluation processes


Preference will be given to candidates who have a combination of the following skills & experience:
• At least 3 years of experience in active headhunting of IT professionals
• Experience recruiting in European region especially in Denmark, Norway or Sweden
• Experience in hiring IT professionals for international clients
• Ability to evaluate the candidate’s competences and match it towards the position
• Ability to collaborate with clients and colleagues in other region.
• Basic understanding of the development platforms and the IT jargon.
• Strong sourcing capabilities with the ability to run multiple channels and identify the best candidates
• Knowledgeable and/or comfortable learning and adapting to social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc.)


You have a Bachelor in Human Resources, Psychology or similar OR relevant years of experience.

Company Benefits

We offer:
• Professional growth and cross-location knowledge sharing
• Full Remote Opportunity (Work from Home)
• Opportunity to travel to Portugal Office, 3-4 days per quarter
• Dynamic and friendly work environment
• Take part in a culture full of trust, support and loyalty, where respectful and open feedback is valued

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