.NetCore/Angular Developer

Intermediate - Full time
Industry - It
  • .NET
  • AngularJS
  • TypeScript

Client - WFP Software ApS

Edora A/S represents an advisor an innovative, flexible company and a serious partner that clients can rely on. With new but proven technology, combined with experience and understanding of the customer's business needs, they create simple, intuitive, and efficient solutions for the benefit of users.Their expertise is in special software development, IT consultancy services, and support to find and deliver high tech solution that suit client’s specific needs. The focus of Edora A/S is in delivery of high-end products like booking and planning systems for digital self-service and resource management.

For more information please see: http://edora.dk/


A world of agile development, smart solutions, new technology, and spirit long-term relationships meant for software engineers who have the courage to bite the bullet with large and complex IT systems.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


You will work on combinations of existing projects, and greenfield projects. You will be responsible to design and implement complex software algorithms, interfaces, and application flow to meet customers’ demands. Your focus is on programming and code reviewing, testing, taking part in scrum team tasks, such as specifications, planning, and estimations.

You would work closely with team members in Denmark in the development and maintenance of cutting-edge products in accordance with client requirements. You will be involved in the full SDLC and will be part of a team expected to deliver innovative solutions that will be used by thousands of customers around the world.


- 3+ years of professional development experience with .Net
- Full-stack developer highly experienced in the following technologies:
Front-end | recent versions of Angular (11, 12), Typescript, RxJS, HTML, CSS
Back-end | .NET Core, ASP.Net Core, C#, SQL, Entity Framework
- Exposure to Design Patterns, SOLID, Domain-Driven Design, and Test and test automation
- Nice to have: Redux, WCAG, DevOps (Azure), Progressive Web Apps, Mobile apps, Outlook plugins
- Clean code style: Understanding what makes good code architectural design
- Automatic Testing (unit, integration, acceptance testing)
- Strong analytical, problem-solving, and conceptual skills
- Ability to adapt and apply rapidly changing technology to business needs
- Experience of working in an agile SCRUM development environment
- Excellent English oral, written, and presentation communications
- Positive energy, open-mindedness, and a strong proactive attitude
- Fluent in verbal and written English


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or other related fields


Willing to travel to Denmark for introduction, training, and teambuilding activities when conditions again allow traveling

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