Backend Developer/Platform Engineer

Industry - Financial Services
Level - Intermediate
Employment - Full time
Work Model - Remote

Client - Intelliflo


Inscale is currently hiring for our client Intelliflo ( Intelliflo is a Global fintech company with a market leading web-based practice management, financial planning and trading software that helps financial businesses to improve efficiency and increase profits. Intelliflo offers flexibility in working arrangements, enabling employees an opportunity for a good and healthy work-life balance. We enjoy a respectful and supportive work environment.


As a C# Backend/Platform Engineer you will be responsible for defining, improving, and maintaining common features that all microservices share.

The area of responsibility at this position is to enable observability/monitoring capabilities (OpenTelemetry); manage/create data storage connectors (Entity Framework/Dapper); handle common security protections (Identity Server/Certificates); expose documentation generation endpoints (OpenAPI); setup cache management (Redis/Memcached); support commonly used API protocols (HTTP/gRPC); manage microservice configuration and secrets (Consul/Vault).

Your work will be fundamental to empower our developers to write new microservices faster, properly adapted for Kubernetes and secure by default. As such, it's highly valuable to keep on top of new ASP.Net Core features and be able to leverage code scanning (CodeQL) and API testing tools (OWASP Zap) to assess how protected our microservices are.

Due to the number of microservice that we oversee, it's valuable if you have some scripting experience (PowerShell).
Intelliflo's products are entirely cloud based, available in three AWS regions. Therefore, cloud-native experience is also desirable.

As part of the team, you will be working on building the internal platform with tools that improve the development standards in the company. You will have the opportunity to work closely with teammates from UK, East Europe, US and India.

You will be reporting to Tech Lead based in Portugal.


Must Have:
• 3 to 5 years of experience with a strong background in software engineering specializing in medium to large scale software development projects
• A proficient and dedicated experienced developer specializing in the .NET stack.
• Technologies stack: C#, ASP.Net Core Web API and NUnit or equivalent testing framework
• Mature Development Practices
• Strong Modelling skills and experience
• Strong Testing skills and experience
• An excellent problem solver with a keen eye for detail and the drive to ship high quality solutions
• Clear communicator both written and spoken
• Experience with terminal services (Powershell/Bash)
• Experience with containers (Docker)

We’d love it if you have:
• Experience with K8s
• Some experience in Python
• Experience building and maintaining cloud-native applications (Preferably AWS)
• Experience with distributed systems design


• A degree in Computer Science or equivalent OR relevant years of experience

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