DevOps Engineer

Senior - Full time
  • DevOps
  • Azure
  • Continuous Integration

Client : Corti ApS

Industry : Healthcare

Founded in 2016, Corti is a dynamic, passionate company. We are driven by a belief that every person on Earth should have access to the best, most informed medical assessments when they really need it. We have built a team of world-class employees from around the world, and we are developing a new generation of speech-enabled solutions.

Our main product is an industry-leading machine learning software that listens in during patient conversations and provides real-time assistance to healthcare professionals. Our innovative in-call decision support technology has been proven to detect illnesses like Cardiac Arrest faster and more accurately than medical experts, ushering in a paradigm shift in global healthcare. Alongside in-call detections, we provide advanced Post-call Analytics, helping to optimize protocols and the performance of medical professionals, so that we can guide them to the right triaging outcome faster.

Our ever-growing team spans multiple disciplines, with an emphasis on machine learning, mathematics, statistics, security, and computer science. We are working hard to embed a continuous striving culture and philosophy across the organization and are constantly involved in learning from the best practitioners in the industry.

If you want to take part in solving real-life problems by applying cutting-edge technology, we offer that you become an integral part of a fun, autonomous, and team-oriented culture, guided by shared values, high quality, and a willingness to act and fail.


Being part of a team that uses AI in healthcare could enable medics to be better and faster, improving patient outcomes on a global scale.

Kyiv, Ukraine


Job Purpose:
To collaboratively operate, monitor and document on-premise and cloud infrastructure and deployments at Corti and ensure that products and systems are running securely and cost-effective at all times.

● Design and execute deployment strategies in the cloud for our mission-critical services using an infrastructure as code philosophy where real-time processing and reliable performance are a strict requirement.
● Help build and integrate security as part of the infrastructure.
● Work closely with software engineers and data scientists to identify and resolve production issues in our platform.
● Enjoy an operational role that involves deep knowledge of distributed computing and make automation a key component of operating our large-scale systems.


Must to Have skills:
● Several years of experience as DevOps or Site Reliability engineer.
● 3+ years experience with cloud computing platforms (preferably Azure or any other cloud platform).
● Strong hands-on experience with container technologies such as Docker and any others such as Kubernetes, Helm or similar.
● Solid understanding of orchestration tools such as Terraform.
● In-depth knowledge of any monitoring tools such as Prometheus, Elasticsearch, Grafana and Kibana.
● Experience with Unix/Linux operating systems.

Good to Have skills:
● Experience with version control systems such as Git.
● Troubleshooting skills that span systems, networking (TCP/IP), and code.
● Experience with one or more software languages (e.g. Python, Go, Java, C++, C#).
● Solid understanding of tools such as Ansible or similar.

Soft Skills:
● Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
● Excellent English verbal and written communication skills.
● An ability to perform well in teams and a fast-paced environment


● BSc degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Equivalent years of experience


● No travel requirements.