Professional Services Engineer

Intermediate - Full time

Client : Napier Technologies Limited (Malaysia)

Industry : Other

Napier Technologies Limited is a Big Data start-up company in Central London (Smithfields/Farringdon). Advanced AML platform designed and built by leading experts. We replace or reinforce existing AML processes, identify previously unknown threats and strengthen controls. Our goal: to combat evolving threats and reduce financial and reputational risk.

Our product ingests large amounts of data then enriches and scores it in flexible ways to allow anomalies to be detected and dealt with. We have an underlying platform with generic capabilities and then build industry-specific solutions on top of that that solve real-world problems. In the finance sector we provide a solution around Anti-Money-Laundering and Transaction Monitoring and have a blue-chip partner who takes our solution to market. Version one of our product is live and deployed in real, revenue earning, world-wide projects Transaction Monitoring and have a blue-chip partner who takes our solution to market. Version one of our product is live and deployed in real, revenue earning, world-wide projects.


All financial institutions have legal and regulatory obligations to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorism.The current marketplace is dominated by legacy technology providers, addressing individual elements of customers’ requirements. Interested to work in unique integrated platform, apply now.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


We are currently assisting our client Napier to set up a Team in Kuala Lumpur office. You will be working in the Professional Services team, responsible for the technical and data integration of the Napier AML solution into the client environment. You will have a solid background in a variety of typical enterprise architectures so that after gaining a complete technical understanding of the Napier platform, you will be able to work with client IT teams to integrate our solution into their technical landscape and business processes. Our solution can be on-prem or hosted through a cloud-provider and the successful individual will be able to inspire confidence working in either style.

Major part (50%) of the role will be around data integration and transformation. The Napier solution has a flexible data model and takes data feeds from a variety of client systems in many formats. To succeed in this role you will be able to work with both the clients’ business and IT teams to understand the meaning and purpose of the data in the feeds as well as how to configure the Napier data model and APIs.

As for the other 50% of the role, you should expect to be scripting, writing data transformations, performing JSON/XML manipulation, database queries and building data processing pipelines as well as running architecture and data security meetings with experience clients. You should expect to be working on multiple projects around the world at one time and will need to assist the Napier technical services team in delivering your solution for clients.

The role will suit an individual with a strong technical background in data integration and networking with excellent communication skills who wants to take on more responsibility for client projects.

Specific responsibilities include:
• Working closely with client architecture, project and development teams helping them to integrate to the Napier platform via a number of methods (API, streaming, file integration)
• Specifying and/or building data-transformations on a per-client basis
• Creating client-specific API/processing pipelines using tools such as Nifi to orchestrate API calls to the Napier platform
• Producing and enhancing documentation to support clients’ integration to Napier
• Tracking the specific details of a client’s connectivity to both on-prem and hosted soutions
• Advising clients on infrastructure options when deploying on-site, including sizing and networking requirements
• Offering support to Napier’s Operations team when deploying hosted solutions with sizing and QA testing


• Practical experience of web-based architectures and solutions
JSON, HTTP(S), certificates, RESTful architectures, XML
• Data Integration technologies including data transformation
ETL tools (for example, Apache Nifi) , scripting
• Good Linux skills (Ubuntu & Red Hat preferably)
• Networking knowledge (TCP/IP, proxies, gateways, firewalls etc)
• IT Security / secure data transfer knowledge
• Strong data analysis skills
• Excellent Excel skills

Nice to have:
• Experience working with large data sets and the challenges this can have
• Secure architecture design
• Hands-on experience with some of the following would be an advantage: Elasticsearch, Cassandra, Kafka, Spark
• Worked with Azure/AWS-type architectures
• Performance testing / environment sizing
• API design and documentation including authentication mechanisms
• A financial services background would be an advantage, preferably with experience of compliance and AML solutions

Soft Skills:
• Excellent client communication skills, both written and verbal
• Proven ability to work with both client and internal teams to tight deadlines
• Excellent organisational and problem-solving skills, able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances
• A strong background in delivering client technology projects
• You will typically be running multiple concurrent projects and must have the ability to context-switch and prioritise effectively


• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent work experience with passion and prove of work also can be considered.


• You may be required to travel to UK depending on project requirement. Subjected to Covid-19 travel restrictions.


• Work will be performed during normal working hours (flexi hours between 9:00am-6:00pm / 10:00am-7:00pm).