iOS/Swift Software Developer

Intermediate - Full time
Industry - Healthcare
  • IOS
  • Swift

Client - WS Audiology


INSCALE is maintaining a high-performing offshore development team for WS Audiology based in Skopje, Macedonia. The team is working closely with the team in Denmark in developing and maintaining its portfolio of software applications.

1000 Skopje, North Macedonia


WS Audiology develops user-friendly and technically challenging apps for various purposes such as remote control of hearing aids, assisting hearing loss, and supporting our business. The app development team is a cross-functional team with a graphical designer, UX designers, Fitting Audiologists (hearing loss and hearing aid specialists), testers, and app developers.

The team is using a scrum-based development method with a dedicated full-time scrum-master, and close cooperation with our product owners, embedded software developers, and hardware engineers.

As an iOS Developer in the app team, you will be responsible for the development, maintenance, and support of mobile applications on the iOS platform. You will work closely with the team based in Denmark and participate fully in all aspects of the development process, from feature design and estimation to architecture, technical design, and development. The primary language we use for development is Swift. We pride ourselves in adopting the latest features the Swift language provides and adopt the newest iOS technologies like SwiftUI and Combine.


- 3+ years of professional development experience with iOS
- Extensive knowledge and experience in Swift
- Knowledge and experience with UIKit, & SwiftUI is a plus
- Well versed in coding in ARC environment
- Knowledge in Core Graphics and Core Animation is a plus
- Experience in developing own Framework or Library is a plus
- Experience with Git and continuous integration tools will be a plus
- Have worked on several iOS projects released in the App store
- Knowledgeable in best practices, design patterns, and architecture on iOS
- Experience with Bluetooth/BLE connected devices or related app to hardware connectivity is a plus
- Passionate about your work and keep up to date with the latest technology and methods within mobile application development
- Takes pride in writing SOLID and testable code every day
- Strong spirit of innovation and the ability to come up with solutions to meet business problems
- Solid teamwork and interpersonal skills and ability to work and communicate in a diverse and multicultural team
- Able to adapt to rapidly changing Agile/Scrum development process
- Positive energy, open-mindedness, and a strong proactive attitude
- Fluent in verbal and written English


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent working experience


Willing to travel to Denmark for introduction, training, and teambuilding activities when conditions again allow traveling

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