Computer Vision Firmware Developer

Senior - Full time


Soft Skills Requirements • Good communication skills in English, both oral and writing • Problem-solving skills • Demonstrate a logical and structured approach to time management and task prioritization • Create and maintain strong working relationships with other members of the team

Lisbon, Portugal


As Computer Vision (CV) firmware developer, you will be part of the CV team at Reveal where you will be developing firmware code running on the Body-worn Camera (BWC) to analyze the incoming live feed from the camera lens to perform object/face detection and recognition.

You will be working closely with the firmware team to integrate the CV firmware code with the rest of the camera’s firmware code.

You will also be working with the DEMS 360 development team to develop the front-end application that the end-user will use to control and configure the BWC.

As well as:

• Work with the CV team to develop object/face detection/recognition engine to run on the BWC
• Work with the firmware team to integrate the CV code with the remaining firmware code
• Ensure that the code is according to the standards, and define new standards if needed
• Develop and create new features
• Work in partnership with the DEMS 360 development team to build the complete end-user product
• Contribute to the design of software solutions, bringing in fresh thinking and offering constructive feedback


Must-Have skills:

• Excellent Programming skills in C/C++
• Experience in using object/facial detection/recognition libraries to develop applications
• Expertise in working in Linux environment – embedded or otherwise
• Experience in using off-the-shelf libraries to develop software applications

Good-to-Have skills:

• Experience in using OpenCV library
• Appreciation of embedded CV/AI hardware and software constraints
• Experience in developing commercial face detection/recognition products
• Expertise in developing C/C++ exportable libraries to integrate with .NET applications
• Experience in working with Ambarella CVflow chipset (porting CV models)


Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, or related discipline OR relevant years of experience in required skills.


No travel requirements