Site Development Manager

Senior manager - Full time
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Software Development

Client : Blue Prism

Industry : Software Development

As the pioneer and market leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blue Prism is the trusted, secure choice for Intelligent Automation available on-premises, in the cloud, or as an integrated solution in a hybrid cloud environment. Blue Prism offers the connected-RPA Platform, an advanced technology ecosystem that puts the power of accessible, advanced cognitive technologies in the hands of operational leaders.

At Blue Prism, we have users in over 150 countries in more than 1,800 businesses, including Fortune 500 and public sector organizations, that are creating value with new ways of working, unlocking efficiencies, and returning millions of hours of work back into their businesses. Our Digital Workforce is smart, secure and accessible to all; freeing up humans to re-imagine work.



Lisbon, Portugal


This senior role offers the opportunity to manage a large, highly motivated team of development team leaders and technical professionals.
The Site Development Manager will be responsible to manage the development work performed by the Team Members. He/she will facilitate communication between Project and Product management and the team in Lisbon and from time to time, solve conflicts and remove obstacles that may arise. This person would be involved in coordination with many stakeholders surrounding the team and work together with eventual Team Leads or Tech Leads from different Discipline areas to plan and execute development projects. It will be the responsibility of the Site Development Manager to perform management reporting to Blue Prism and to address employee’s concerns, competencies development, as well as training needs for skills development.
The Site Development Manager and the Discipline Managers/Leads will work together to ensure that teams adhere to the agile Development process and have appropriate product knowledge, technical specifications, directions, tools, methodologies, and resources to deliver products effectively.
The Site Development Manager must have a very strong passion in people management. He/she will ensure the Development teams are kept highly motivated and are delivering good results. He/she is committed to grow, develop, and scale the development team in Portugal. He/she will be involved in candidate evaluation, on-boarding, and induction for new team members.
The Site Development Manager will have scheduled meetings with reporting points, have insights on the available time of teams and raise it to Project Management. He/she will also be responsible for performance appraisals held yearly for the team and involved in compiling feedbacks from Discipline/Functional Manager and other relevant parties. Apart from that he/she will be involved in personal development planning for the offshore team, hereunder Performance Improvement Planning, promotions etc.

Team Deliverables:
• Overall responsible for the deliverables from Blue Prism team(s) on the Development Site including all the resources on the site.
• Ensure that the team’s work is directed to meet Blue Prism’s requirements and processes, including feedback from business and product owners on the team’s deliverables, timing, and quality.
• Manage onboarding, training, knowledge transfer, personal development, and career plan for employees.
• Ensure the team is informed and aligned with Blue Prism’s initiatives and company spirit and motivated to deliver good results.
• Ensure adherence to the Blue Prism’s processes, procedures, guides, and controls to manage the team.
• Manage the team’s performance appraisals, including feedback from competence managers, technical managers, scrum masters and other relevant parties.
• Manage the team’s continuous improvement in technologies, processes, quality, and collaboration.
• Facilitate communication between management in Blue Prism’s HQ and the team on the site and from time to time, solve any conflicts that may arise.
• Coordinate with Blue Prism’s line managers so the team’s work is directed to meet the necessary requirements.
• Ensure the team is kept informed about new initiatives from Blue Prism in general and the state of the business.
• Assess opportunities for application and process improvement and prepare documentation of rationale to share with team members and other affected parties.
• Monitor velocity reports - defect reports - scanning tool reports - code scanning tools - security problems, analyze problem areas and propose potential optimizations.

• Perform management reporting on the delivery status, maintenance of software and site operation to Blue Prism Program Manager, INSCALE Delivery Manager and leadership.
• Establish the necessary procedures and controls to manage the team.
• Proactively design new processes to optimize the managed service model.
• Planning with INSCALE on the Blue Prism’s requirements for skills, resources, and work capacity.
• Take part in strategy planning - how to scale and how to develop the products.
People management:
• Ensure the team is kept highly motivated and capable and are delivering good results.
• Responsible for personal development for the offshore team.
• Conduct Performance Evaluations for the team with INSCALE Management - involved in compiling feedbacks from technical managers, scrum masters and other relevant parties collaborating with the employees.
• Coordinate Appraisals with INSCALE management - compile data for performance evaluation, tenure and other relevant documentation needed as input for Appraisals.
• Involved in personal development planning for the offshore team including the management of the yearly training hours
• Identify and encourage areas for growth and improvement within the team
• Involved in candidate evaluation, onboarding and conducting presentations for new employees.
• Collaborate with the Blue Prism’s Program Manager to ensure the team has access to product owners, line managers and Blue Prism’s leadership to receive input and direction to the work performed.
• Manage the team collaboration and providing the Services to the Blue Prism with INSCALE, including employee concerns, facility management, travel and agreement matters.
• Planning with the Blue Prism’s Program Manager on their future requirements for skills, resources, and capacity.
• Monitor the absence and attendance of the team members in alignment with Blue Prism’s key stakeholders, project need and local legislation

Technical Management:
• Guide and coach team development efforts towards successful project delivery.
• Provide leadership to team members through coaching and mentorship.
• Collaborate with other Discipline leads, business analysts and software architects to plan, design,
develop, test, and maintain web- and desktop-based business applications.


Technical Requirements:
• Minimum of 10 years working experience with 7 years in management/ leadership role in a software development organization.
• Strong understanding of Software Engineering processes, methodologies, requirements analysis, and Agile Methodology.
• You have experience in coding previously and have a solid understanding of a variety of programming tools and development platforms preferably Microsoft technologies and tools.
• Knowledge of database system design, concepts and techniques preferably Microsoft SQL Server
• Solid understanding of Agile development practices including Clean Code, Code Complete, TDD, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
• You have a successful track-record in building and scaling engineering teams by keeping high levels of satisfaction and motivation of each team member
• Experience with working in distributed teams across borders and time zones.
• Experience in the management and development of other line managers and senior technical team members
• Strong facilitation and coaching skills
• Having very strong passion in people management.
• Ability to adapt and apply rapidly changing technology to business needs.
• Must demonstrate ability to solve complex issues quickly and creatively.
• Good planning skills – experience with handling multiple stakeholders under tight deadlines.
• Fluency in English, both spoken and written

Nice to have:
• Project Management certification


• BA/BS degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline, or equivalent practical experience.