Here at INSCALE we pride ourselves on having an engaging and collaborative atmosphere that fosters a strong sense of dedication.

Our strength comprises of people with various backgrounds both in terms of skills and culture. We employ talented people from various countries in the world  and integrate these cultures through similar values and scandinavian values.

We work with clients who strive to stay on top of their game and be relevant in today’s ever evolving market. Thus, we enable our employees a chance to work on a range of new and emerging technologies as well as encourage them to share new learnings and best practices.

Being rooted in Scandinavia we take pride in our high focus on work-life-balance and a flat organizational structure. We encourage a healthy lifestyle, flexible working hours and team building and believe that a positive environment creates passionate employees who deliver exceptional solutions.

We strive to lead by example thus ensuring a transparent approach in managing our employees. In an effort to break the glass ceiling and create an environment free of hierarchy, our managers practice an open-door policy, enabling ease of communication and interaction.

Employee engagement

We emphasise, and value healthy work ethics and life balance which has helped us create a satisfied workforce and consequently, high employee retention.

We build personal connections and interactions through various team activities to foster bonding between you and colleagues. We observe public holidays of all mainstream religious and cultural celebrations.

INSCALE emphasises on a good working environment for the employees to work with global teams. Our clients subscribe to the Agile/Scrum processes, helping the employees to work as ONE team with the developers interacting directly with product owners, architects and managers.

Career growth

INSCALE offers you an international experience. Our customers entrust you to be part of their development team and help them stay one step ahead understanding their business to develop new solutions, think ahead and challenge them. At INSCALE we deliver on these expectations every day in an agile working environment. When you become part of INSCALE, you will be trusted with business critical knowledge and responsibilities. You will grow together with others. This is what we have in mind when we say "we build world class teams and celebrate our differences along the way".